4 Great First Date Ideas for Sugar Daters

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Whether you’re still brand new to sugar dating or have been happily living the sweet life for years, first dates always present a bit of a challenge. Both people naturally want to put their best feet forward in a major way, and picking the right setting for the date can play a huge role in how well that goes. That said, if you’ve got a first sugar date coming up and are at a loss for good ideas, try one of the following suggestions on for size.

  1. Waterside Walk

If you’re lucky enough to live near a natural body of water, then you don’t need to be told that it’s always a winner when it comes to ideal places to spend time. Start with a nice candlelit dinner at a beautiful waterfront restaurant with a picturesque view. Then invite your date to take a stroll along the water afterward. (If the sun happens to be setting at the time, so much the better!)

The great thing about the beach or any of other body of water is it’s a location that works year round. In the summers, it’s a great place to enjoy a little fresh air or some amazing conversation while you digest your meal. In the winters, the extra chill in the air makes for a wonderful excuse to snuggle up a little closer while you get to know each other. It’s a great way to get over your fear of sugar dating as well.

  • Exploring the City

Sometimes the best dates don’t come attached to a set-in-stone plan at all. If you’re the spontaneous type (or happen to know that your date is), consider making plans to get together, explore the city a little, and see where your wanderings take you. Pick the restaurant where you have dinner on the fly. Have fun wandering in and out of storefronts and checking out various attractions.

This is a terrific way for you to get to know one another and discover how your dynamic as a potential couple might work. It also provides a steady stream of topics to talk about and things to relate over that aren’t too overly personal for a first sugar date. It’s pretty much a guarantee that you’ll both go home afterward with a clear picture of the other person’s likes, dislikes, and preferences as well.

  • Night on the Town

The beauty of a sugar relationship is that it’s everything a typical traditional relationship isn’t. The sugar baby gets a chance to live the sweet luxe life she knows she deserves while the sugar daddy gets the love and companionship of his ultimate dream woman. It’s win-win situation that’s ultimately all about having fun and experiencing life to the absolute fullest. That said, a first date that allows both people to show themselves off at their most fun and carefree is never a bad idea.

Try planning an energetic night out on the town that includes cocktails and dancing at a five-star club. It’s a perfect opportunity for both of you to show off your sweetest, sexiest moves, as well as get seriously up close and personal. Keep in mind that you don’t have to be a world class dancer in order to have fun out on the dance floor. Tenacity, energy, and an ability to simply let loose are ultimately a lot more impressive than a Fred Astaire-level mastery of the latest moves.

  • Pull Out All the Stops

Are you more the type that likes to lay all your cards on the table right from the get go? Do you have the unshakeable feeling that this person is special and totally deserves the royal treatment? Don’t be afraid to go for broke right away and suggest a weekend getaway for your first time out together.

Not only does a weekend trip give you two plenty of time to really get to know each other, but it’s the perfect way to experience the best of what’s possible between the two of you right away. The sugar daddy has the ultimate chance to really sweep his date off her feet, while the sugar baby has a golden opportunity to show what a delightful companion she’d make when it comes to experiencing the best of what life has to offer. Are you ready to explore the possibilities and find common ground with your sugar baby?

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