– A Sugar Dating Site That Disappoints On Many Levels

Rating: is a sugar dating website that takes a somewhat different approach to the process of matching sugar daddies up with sugar babies. With activities revolving mainly around a user forum, the site employs a Tinder-like feature by which you could meet other people quickly and easily…at least in theory.

As promising as the initial impressions may have been, we found more and more things wrong with the site as we went on. Seemingly helpful features turned out to be woefully inadequate or totally useless, and we were equally let down by many other aspects of the site. Read on to the rest of this review as we take a closer look at what is all about. A nice start…but trouble lurks

Our exploration of the website started out promisingly enough as were greeted by a fairly slick and attractive-looking homepage with some fetching graphics. After quickly skimming through the text claiming that the site has been featured on media outlets such as CBS and that transactions are conducted via a secure payment system, we started reading some of the content more thoroughly. That’s when the problems started.

After only a few lines, it became quite obvious that the text on the page was hardly up to standards. Seemingly written by someone whose first language isn’t English, the copy was riddled with grammatical and syntax errors and was generally a disaster all around.

We’ve seen quite a few sugar dating websites wherein the copy seemed like a direct Google translation of another language, and we have to say that this does little to enhance the reputability of the site. After all, if a sugar dating website can’t be bothered to ensure the quality of such a fundamental aspect of its services, how can one be assured of the quality of the rest of the site?

Facebook intrusion

A more serious issue was AgeMatch’s insistence on accessing our Facebook account. Almost everywhere we turned, we were presented (confronted would be a more accurate term) with a “suggestion” to log-in via our Facebook account. Even when we tried to upload photos to our profile, the site offered to connect to Facebook, presumably to pull photos from our Facebook account.

We don’t know about you, but it seems to us that few sugar daddies would want to have their Facebook accounts linked to a sugar dating site in any way–we certainly don’t! Apart from the possibility of some potentially sticky social situations, this could open users up to the risk of unauthorized data collection, and a host of privacy and security issues.

Paying the price of entry also seems overly eager to have you pay for a full membership, even though a free trial membership is offered. The offer is practically worthless as there is no way to access even the most rudimentary sections of the site without being a full member. Unless startup pay up, you can’t see how many members there are, where they are from, or when the most recent activity was.

Again, this is something that is fairly common among sugar dating websites. However, many other sites do provide interested sugar daddies with at least a limited set of features or the ability to check out some areas of the site. Others have even been known to provide access to most features and services for a limited period.

This is not the case with AgeMatch, as even the most basic features and site sections are totally inaccessible to those that haven’t shelled out the cash for membership. Even more annoying is that a payment screen pops up every time you try to access a ‘restricted’ section.

Even with these red flags, we decided to go ahead and sign up anyway in order to be able to properly review the website. Memberships are available in one-month, three-month, and six-month periods, with payment options including credit and debit cards, PayPal, and bank account access.

This last option was particularly worrisome for us, as it seemed that there is no good reason why any sugar dating website should have access to this information. We also didn’t appreciate the tiny and almost unreadable text that stated that memberships are automatically renewed unless they are explicitly canceled.

We eventually opted to cancel our account later on after deciding that the site wasn’t for us. We’re going to go into more detail toward the end of this review, but it turns out that even that course of action presented more problems.

Redeeming features

Checking out the rest of the site proved to be just as disappointing. Basic features that would typically be available to free users are available only to paid members, including sending messages and winks and tagging favorite members. There is a “greeting card” feature, which allows you to send a message with a photo to a sugar baby of your choice. Inexplicably, there is no way for you to select which of your photos will accompany the message, with the choice being made for you.

There are a couple of features that we have to grudgingly admit redeemed the website somewhat. One is the “Meet Me” generator, which is the Tinder-like feature that we mentioned previously. This scrolls through photos of various sugar babies, enabling you to select the ones that appeal to you.

However, even this feature is riddled with problems. You can’t actually view the profiles of each sugar baby, which means that you will be making your impression based entirely on their photos. You also can’t contact sugar babies directly via this feature, which makes it pretty much useless apart from allowing you to see the faces of several members quickly.

The second somewhat useful feature is “Suggest a Date”, which enables you to add date ideas to your profile, and send them to sugar babies. This is a step up from standard messages, as it quickly makes your intentions known and simplifies the process of setting up a date.

Opting out

After going through a few profiles, getting in touch with a few prospects and running into quite a number of flakes, cam girls, and obvious scammers, we had had enough. It was then that we decided to cancel our membership–easy enough to do, right? Wrong! Three numbers are provided for getting in touch with customer service, two of which are toll-free numbers. However, the personnel answering calls at these numbers are infuriatingly inept, and it was exceedingly difficult to get any useful information from them.

We were finally able to cancel our membership via the third number–which isn’t toll-free–but the experience definitely left a sour taste in our mouths. is a total disappointment

There really isn’t a lot that has going for it apart from the marginally useful “Meet Me” generator and the “Suggest a Date” feature. Overall, our experience at the site proved to be a disaster in more ways than one.

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