Dealing With Her Friends

No matter how well you have planned your relationship with your sugar baby, there is bound to be something that you have neglected to consider. More often than not, that “something” is how to deal with her friends.

“What do her friends have to do with our relationship?” you might be asking yourself. “And why do I have to deal with them?”

One thing that you may not have accounted for is that younger people tend to maintain a tightly-knit group of friends. The years of early adulthood are a period of heightened social interaction, and the onset of adulthood will do little to change that. Even if most people tend to live more solitary lives as they grow older, your sugar baby may still be at an age where hanging out with friends is the norm.

Possible issues that can arise

There are a number of situations wherein a sugar baby’s relationship with her friends could be a source of conflict between the two of you. This could be the case when she seems to hang out with them a lot, often in preference to being with you. This type of situation could cause you to develop a sense of insecurity, and to question her motives in wanting to have a sugar daddy in the first place.

There may also be situations wherein she goes out to clubs frequently, parties constantly, and generally lives the high life. In addition to taking away from her time with you, this could result in irrational behavior, irresponsible actions, and a messy lifestyle in which you do not want to have a part.

It can be even more serious if the people she hangs out with are shady and disreputable characters that you definitely don’t want to have in your life. The implications of her keeping such company are worrying, and you may find yourself having to deal with a host of problems ranging from substance abuse, criminal activity, and even risk to your person and property.

A bit less distressing but equally unacceptable is a situation in which insists on having her friends tag along with the two of you all the time. It really shouldn’t be too much of a problem if this happens only once in a while. In fact it could even be fun to be in the company of two young and gorgeous women. But if you find yourself playing host to a gang of freeloading girls all the time, the situation can get old pretty quickly.

Making an effort to get along

There are a number of courses of action available to you if you ever find your sugar baby’s friendships getting in the way of your own relationship. One is to make an effort to get along.

Now, we do understand that this will require a great deal of effort and patience on your part, and it may leave you open to being taken advantage of even more. But there are instances wherein taking the higher ground and playing the part of the understanding and gracious partner could actually work to your benefit. Remember that you are the more mature partner in the relationship, and this is where you could put some of that maturity to good use.

One way to think about it is that your sugar baby might actually be so into you that she simply can’t help but want to introduce you to her friends. This is actually quite flattering when you think about it, and you at least have the benefit of knowing that she doesn’t regard you as some hopelessly antiquated fuddy-duddy with whom she is embarrassed to be seen in public.

Work toward a compromise

Okay, let’s say that you have tried to get along with her friends, but you still can’t stand them or that they can’t stand you. The most feasible course of action at this point would be to come to some kind of compromise with your sugar baby. For instance, you could agree to give her time to hang out with her friends as long as she keeps to her schedule with you. This being the case, she has to commit to being available to you when you agree to meet, with no room for “emergency” meet-ups with friends or anything of the sort.

If you don’t find her friends all that objectionable and you don’t have a problem with them joining you from time to time, you could let your sugar baby know that you don’t mind having one or two of her closest friends tagging along on occasion. However, you should make it clear that you won’t put up with being used, and that you have no intention of playing sugar daddy to a bunch of hard-partying and hard-spending girls who don’t have a sugar daddy of their own.

Leaving well enough alone

Finally, you may opt to simply leave well enough alone. This might be a feasible option if your sugar baby’s activities with her friends don’t really eat into your “together time” too much. Of course, this is only acceptable if you feel that her friends are generally okay people, even though you would rather not associate with them for your own reasons. In such a scenario, it might be a good idea to let your sugar baby know that you don’t mind her hanging out with friends as long as she keeps up her end of your arrangement.

Not all situations involving sugar babies and their friends can be dealt with so easily. You might find that despite your best efforts to understand and to be magnanimous about it, that it still causes a lot of friction between you two. If that is the case, you owe it to yourself to have a heart-to-heart with your sugar baby and to let her know exactly what is on your mind. You don’t necessarily want to have her choose between you and her friends, but you definitely don’t want to be a pushover either. If she is unwilling to at least take your feelings into consideration, you may want to end your relationship and find a sugar baby who has less baggage to deal with.

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