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Rating: is a premium sugar dating website focused specifically on helping prospective sugar daddies connect with sugar babies online. The site offers a pretty good selection of the standard features available on many other sugar dating sites, along with exclusive features that serve to simplify and enhance the process of making connections.

With a high ratio of sugar babies versus sugar daddies, the site seemingly presents a huge number of options from which you could make a number of worthwhile selections. Along with the good comes a bit of the bad however, with certain issues that make it advisable to exercise a bit of care and prudence in looking for a sugar baby.

Right from the outset, it’s pretty clear that is set up to provide sugar daddies with as many potential choices as possible. Women who wish to be sugar babies may sign up for an account at no cost, while men who wish to avail of anything more than the standard services will have to pay a pretty costly membership fee.

As expected, this results in a high ratio of sugar babies versus sugar daddies. By our estimation, there are about four sugar babies to every sugar daddy on EstablishedMen. Basic features and more

Many of the features and services you have come to expect from sugar dating sites are available at, including the ability to upload photos, specify descriptive taglines–which could be used as search terms–and the opportunity to post personal ads.

Those who sign up for a free account can send “flirts” or quick notifications to sugar babies in order to signify their interest. However, you could only pursue communication further after you have become a paid member.

Paid membership comes with a number of other perks as well, including the ability to upload as many as three photographs. These photos can be shared to specific members only, while keeping them hidden from other members of the site.

Perhaps one of the most welcome features at is the ability to send voicemails. This makes communication a lot more personal and more efficient, and helps to set the site apart from other sugar dating sites on the Internet. also employs a pretty comprehensive and effective search system which simplifies the process of finding a potential match. The site’s extensive database of members can be searched by physical attributes, language, ethnicity, and so on. You also have the option to search for sugar babies with the use of specific search terms or keywords.

The cost of membership

Basic membership at EstablishedMen is totally free. As explained previously however, this limits you only to the most basic set of features and services. If you want more than the free “flirts” provided with free membership, you will have to shell out the cash for a full, paid membership.

The cost isn’t exactly cheap. A one-month membership package costs a pretty steep $79, which works out to about $2.63 per day. This gives you 100 credits which you can use to communicate with potential sugar babies and even send them “gifts”.

You could also sign up for a three-month membership, which costs $147 and comes with 300 credits.

Payments to may be sent via PayPal or credit card.

Pros is owned by Avid Life Media, which longtime dating site users will recognize as the company behind Ashley Madison. EstablishedMen therefore benefits from years of experience in the adult dating industry, and it is easy to see the quality and professionalism that stems from this extensive experience.

As mentioned previously, the site has a high ratio of sugar babies versus sugar daddies. This makes it a lot easier to find a match as compared to other dating websites, where the larger number of male members results in pretty stiff competition.

Better still, most of the women on EstablishedMen know exactly what they want and they make no bones about letting you know what that is. Far too many sites are populated with women that are new to the entire sugar dating scene, and they tend to be fickle-minded and hesitant to get down to the business of arranging a meet up.

This is hardly the case with EstablishedMen, where the women tend to be totally upfront about the entire process and aren’t too shy to tell you what they expect. This sort of candor and straightforwardness is a good thing in the sugar dating world, and it definitely makes it a lot less stressful and less confusing to find a match.

We have to say that the voice message feature is the most attractive feature of the site. Text-based chat messages can only go so far, and they tend to feel impersonal after a while. It is always easier to make a connection with someone whose voice you can hear, and the fact that EstablishedMen implements this features makes the site score highly in our book.

A senior-friendly website

One other thing that we have to mention is that the site seems to have been set up with the older gentlemen in mind. Most sugar dating sites cater to the older set of course, but the brains behind have clearly put extra thought into making the website as “senior”-friendly as possible. All the site’s various sections are easy to navigate, and there is little chance of not being able to find specific sections that you wish to access.

Although there is somehow the feeling that the website has been oversimplified (dare we say, dumbed down?), anything that makes the sugar dating process easier, simpler, and more efficient is most definitely a good thing.


Unfortunately, very few sugar dating sites are totally faultless, and EstablishedMen does have its share of negatives. The fact that women are not subject to any sort of stringent verification process means that most anyone can get in. This results in a fairly large number of bogus or questionable accounts, which tends to somewhat dampen what would have otherwise been an enjoyable and rewarding experience.

We also have our suspicions that some of the member accounts at the site have been hacked. Many accounts feature photos that look suspiciously like stock photographs and a few of the messages we have received from “sugar babies” seem at odds with their profile.

The verdict

All in all, is a pretty respectable site with a reputation that benefits from its affiliation with the company behind the success of Ashley Madison. While the issues regarding fake profiles will have to be addressed, you could certainly do far worse than to give this promising sugar dating site a try.

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