Finding Common Ground With Your Sugar Baby

One of the most important aspects of being able to enjoy a satisfactory and rewarding experience with your sugar baby is finding common ground. Ideally, you and your sugar baby will be spending plenty of time together, which means that you should at least be able to enjoy each other’s company.

Of course, all this is easier said than done. After all, the very nature of a sugar dating relationship–which typically involves an older man and a younger woman–automatically places a number of obstacles in the way. Apart from the age gap, which brings a slew of potential issues, there are a number of factors inherent in the pairing of a wealthy man with a less financially-stable woman.

But then, no one ever said that being a sugar daddy would be easy. Along with the fun and the good times–which you could very well enjoy–there are obstacles you will need to surmount in order to be able to realize the joy of the experience in its entirety. Finding common ground is one of those obstacles, and accomplishing this will go a long way in determining the satisfaction you will derive from sugar dating.

What “common ground” is­–­and what it isn’t

What does “finding common ground” mean exactly? Simply put, it means finding shared interests or activities that you could enjoy together. More than that, it could also mean sharing an outlook or a world view wherein your values and interests fit in with the other person’s.

When trying to figure out what constitutes “common ground”, it might be helpful to first define what it is NOT. Finding common ground doesn’t mean trying to act younger than you actually are, or on the woman’s part, trying to act more mature than she is. Expecting a much younger partner to think and act like someone twenty or thirty years her senior is also not the way to go about it. That would be less about finding shared interests than forcing someone to conform to your ideals, which is never a good thing in a relationship.

Act your age

We probably don’t have to tell you about the impropriety of acting younger than you actually are…but we will anyway! When matched up with a woman who is twenty to thirty years younger or more, it is common for sugar daddies to want to give the impression of being younger than they are. This is often done by changing their appearance–dying their hair, wearing ‘younger’ clothes, and so on.

As you probably already know, this could often lead to embarrassingly hilarious results. There are fewer things more ridiculous than an older man wearing a shirt two sizes too small, or decked out in “street” or “rock and roll” fashion. Unless you are in incredible physical shape–or you happen to be Mick Jagger (and possibly even then)–it would be best to dress appropriately for your age.

Moving from “embarrassing” into the realm of the “risky” and the “downright dangerous” is trying to come as physically stronger or more active than you actually are. Whether this means engaging in strenuous physical activities such as running a marathon or risky pursuits such as rock climbing, the results can be awkward at the very least. At worst, it could actually place you at risk of severe injury.

When trying to find common ground with your sugar baby, don’t ignore the implications of being several years older than your mate. There are many other things you can do together, and other interests that you can share, without putting yourself at risk of physical injury or embarrassment.

Building on shared interests

So what can you do in order to forge a stronger connection with your sugar baby? It might help to go back to some detail in her profile that attracted here to you in the first place. Unless you were going strictly by physical appearance–which isn’t necessarily a bad thing–you may have been drawn to her by some sort of interest or passion or involvement in some cause which resonates with you. Any of these can be a good starting point toward forging a deeper and more meaningful relationship.

Keep an open mind

It might also help to keep an open mind with regard to new experiences. If you have ever wanted to go dancing but have never worked up the courage to do so, a partner who is an avid dancer might just be the one that could help break out of your shell. Or if you have even had the slightest curiosity about a certain type of music, you might set up a date to check out a particular concert taking place near you.

Play the role of mentor

Influence could go the other way as well. You might be surprised to find that many younger women are a lot more open-minded than you expect. In fact, many would be quite eager to learn things that only an older partner could teach them. Take this as an opportunity to educate and pass on some knowledge, whether it is about food, culture, music, the arts, film, literature, or any other area in which you are knowledgeable.

Discover new things together

Finally, make room for the possibility of cultivating shared interests that are new to both of you as well. Anything from a visit to a museum or a trip to the Bahamas could help you both develop a newfound passion for something that you didn’t consider before. Something of this sort could even help you develop a stronger bond, as whatever it is that you find interest in will be something that you have discovered together.

Leave well enough alone

Keep in mind that not every sugar daddy and sugar baby will be able to fit together like two peas in a pod. There are instances wherein it seems that despite your best efforts, you simply don’t have anything in common with each other. In such a scenario, our advice would be not to force the issue. Unless the differences are so great as to cause discord and unpleasantness, it might be best to leave well enough alone and simply enjoy the less stressful aspects of your sugar dating arrangement.

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