The period after your first date leading up to this stage will likely be a flurry of phone calls, messages, and additional face-to-face encounters. If things have gone well, you would have probably gone on a few other dates since your first encounter. This would have provided you with even more opportunities to get to know your future sugar baby better and possibly come to an understanding that you are going to be a pair. The only thing left to be done at this point is to formalize your arrangement as sugar daddy and sugar baby.

Taking things to the next level

Now obviously, this is one of the most crucial steps in the entire sugar dating process, if not the most crucial one. What you do from this time on will determine the quality of your relationship and how much satisfaction you will derive from the experience. You will therefore want to give a lot of time and thought into planning the details of your arrangement, as well as communicate your plan effectively to your partner.

The most significant aspect of formulating a sugar daddy-sugar baby arrangement is defining the roles that each of you will play. As the sugar daddy, much of the financial responsibility will obviously fall on you. You will be expected to pay for most everything all the time. If you find this objectionable or unacceptable in any way, being a sugar daddy may not be for you.

Your responsibilities don’t end there. As part of a dynamic and (ideally) mutually beneficial relationship between two consenting adults, you will have to do your part in maintaining the relationship as well. Footing the bill doesn’t give you pass, nor does it give you the right to be abusive or neglectful!

Your partner will have her own role to play as well. As the sugar baby, she should be expected to give you top priority in terms of schedule and attention. There can be considerable variance with regard to how sugar babies carry out their roles, but in general, they should be gracious, willing, and attentive partners to their sugar daddies.

Let’s go into more detail on the individual responsibilities of the sugar daddy and the sugar baby.

The role of the sugar daddy

As the sugar daddy, you will essentially be the captain of the ship that is the sugar dating relationship. Much of the privilege of determining and outlining the course and nature of the relationship will fall upon you. And make no mistake–this is a privilege. Being the sugar daddy puts you in a position of significant advantage over your sugar baby, so don’t abuse or waste the privilege! You should steer the relationship in a direction that is beneficial not only to you, but to your sugar baby as well. After all, you do want her to be happy and reasonably satisfied with the arrangement, don’t you?

Being the primary financer, you will be expected to handle practically the entire monetary cost of the relationship. From paying for dinners, dates, and day outs, to paying her rent (in full or in part), providing her with transport, gifts, clothes, and more–all that is on you.

At this point, you have to be sure that you know what you are getting into. You may be expected to pay for a condo and a car right off the bat, and provide for living expenses all throughout the relationship. You may even have to foot the bill for medical expenses, clothing, educational costs, and emergencies. If you aren’t ready to pay for all that and more, now would be a good time to reconsider becoming a sugar daddy.

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The role of the sugar baby

As for the sugar baby, much of her responsibility involves playing the role of girlfriend or relationship partner. In most cases, this involves fulfilling your sexual and emotional needs as well. Depending on the specifics of your arrangement, your sugar baby may even play more of a “wife” role than that of a girlfriend. In such cases, the sugar baby will be expected to be available to the sugar daddy at all times, whether for social occasions or personal encounters.

Sugar babies are also expected to maintain a considerable degree of exclusivity, which means that she will be expected to play sugar baby only to you. This also generally means that any other type of romantic or sexual relationship is out of the question, although some sugar daddies do allow this. You will have to decide for yourself, whether or not it is okay for your sugar baby to see other people or have another relationship.

Going public

There is also the issue of appearing in public with your sugar baby. Many sugar daddies are okay with this–and in fact look forward to it!–although some would prefer to keep the relationship private. If you do decide that you want to take your sugar baby out in public–and possibly even introduce her to your friends and family­–you will have to be prepared to explain who she is and the nature of your relationship.

Getting it all down on paper

In most cases, sugar dating relationships are simply verbal agreements between both partners. However, there are many good reasons to actually formalize the agreement and write it down on paper. This is especially important when a significant amount of money is involved, as when you decide to purchase a house or finance your sugar baby’s planned business venture. In such cases, you will want to make sure that all your financial assets are left intact and in your name after the dissolution of the relationship.

One of your main objectives should be to protect yourself in every way possible, including financially and emotionally. The last thing you want to happen is to become emotionally invested in a sugar baby only to find that she has walked away with a significant chunk of your financial assets. Do make sure that her needs are provided for if the relationship goes sour, but ensuring your security and well-being should be your topmost priority.

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