Every stage you work through in this guide will bring you one step closer toward finding your match. This particular step is definitely a major milestone, as this is when you narrow the playing field significantly, focusing on only a handful of promising candidates. It becomes even more exciting when you realize that one woman in this select group might actually be “The One”.

Double down

Keep in mind that now isn’t the time to be complacent just yet! In fact in many ways, you will now have to exert even more effort in determining the feasibility of each promising prospect. In the same way that you want to avoid ending up with the wrong sugar baby, you also want to make sure that you don’t let the right one get away. As much time and effort as you have already put in towards coming up with this shortlist, you will have to double your efforts and be truly discerning about the choices you make from here on.

Coming up with a shortlist

How do you come up with a shortlist in the first place? How do you select a handful of likely candidates out of the several that have responded to your profile? Oftentimes, it simply comes down to applying the same set of criteria that you have applied toward sugar dating in general, but with much more clarity and focus. This is when you will really sharpen your focus and be much more discriminating in the selection process.

Don’t neglect the small things

Details count for everything at this crucial stage of the game. No detail is too small or too significant to ignore, as each could have tremendous implications on your ability to determine the right candidate from the wrong one. Going over all the details with a fine-toothed comb will also play a huge role in the quality of the relationship that you will eventually have with your chosen one.

It might help to go back to what attracted you to a particular candidate in the first place. Did she catch your attention with her vibrant personality and candidness? Did her passion for a common interest that you both share you turn you on? Now is the time to find out if she can truly “walk the talk” and if these qualities are consistent with her actual personality.

Red flags and warning signs

Pay especially close attention to whether or not a particular candidate seems to exhibit a change in personality or demeanor. Sugar babies on the prowl will typically try to put their best foot forward during the initial stages of getting to know you. However, this may or may not be consistent with her actually personality. A sweet young thing who is charming and accommodating early on may turn into an unpleasant, raving basket case later on, so be alert to red flags.

Also be on the lookout for signs of reluctance or hesitation on her part. Some prospective sugar babies may have thought that they wanted a sugar daddy, only to change their mind later on. The last thing you want to deal with is someone who suddenly gets cold feet after you have already invested a significant amount of your time and attention, so make sure that you shortlist only sugar babies who are ready, willing, and able to see the whole arrangement through.

For any potential sugar baby to have made it this far, she should have already shared a considerable part of her personal life with you. Although you do not necessarily need to have met in person yet, you should have at least had the occasion to talk to her several times. A potential sugar baby with whom you have had little interaction with outside of an online chat is a poor candidate for your shortlist.

Looks aren’t everything

The subject of physical appearance versus personality traits will have to be considered at some point. Let’s be honest here: most sugar daddies will want a partner who is as physically attractive as possible. This is definitely a significant factor in any sugar dating relationship, and it is often a lot more important than an emotional connection.

However, you should consider the possibility of a sugar daddy-sugar baby relationship becoming a long-term arrangement. You should therefore at least make an effort to select a partner that you are thoroughly comfortable with and that you can get along with easily. No one should judge you for choosing the most ravishing sugar baby that you can find, but you do have to at least put some thought into ensuring that she is someone you can stand to be with for as long as the arrangement lasts.

At some point, you will have to set up a meet in person. This doesn’t have to be as significant an event as the official “First Date”. In fact, it might be better to set up light and casual encounters with every sugar baby on your shortlist. This will give you a chance to know each one better and provide you with the opportunity to “feel out” her out (her personality that is!) up close. If you find that you especially enjoy these casual encounters with one or two candidates, you may be truly close to finding the perfect one.

Finish strong

It goes without saying that you should continue to be a perfect gracious gentleman to each and every potential sugar baby in your shortlist. Any hesitation on your part or a sign that you are getting cold and distant could very well blow your chances with the right one.

It can be a delicate balance to make it clear that you are interested while still leaving yourself an ‘out’ in case you have to cut someone loose. But no one ever said that becoming a sugar daddy would be easy! Play your cards right, don’t let your guard down, and give the especially deserving candidates due attention and time. At this point, it won’t take long before you will finally be able to decide which sugar baby is the perfect one for you.

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