The next major step in your journey towards becoming a sugar daddy is making the first call. At this point, you would have probably narrowed your choices down to a few promising candidates. Consequently, you probably wouldn’t need to make too many phone calls. However, you will still want to make an effort to ensure that the handful of calls that you do make will be as effective as possible.

A lot of the tips that apply to making your first call boils down to simple telephone etiquette. All the basics apply: speak clearly, be polite, listen to the person on the other end of the line, and so on. Keeping these simple tips in mind will go a long way in ensuring an effective flow of communication.

Lay the groundwork

Of course, before you even make that first call, you will have to lay the groundwork for effective communication with any potential sugar babies. You will need to have some topics for conversation, so build on the private messages or email exchanges you have already shared. If the prospective sugar baby has shared some particularly interesting or compelling information about herself, you may want to use this call as an opportunity to learn more about this aspect in detail.

Thinking on your feet – How to keep the conversation moving forward

In many ways, a phone conversation can be a surprising contrast to an email or private message exchange. With written communication, people usually have a lot more time to carefully consider what they are going to say next. They are typically better able to ‘censor’ themselves, and direct the conversation in a manner that is more favorable to their purposes. The written text also provides more opportunities to back out of potentially sticky situations and to explain touchy subjects in clearer detail.

This often isn’t the case with phone conversations. In most cases, the flow of communication happens in real time, and you are expected to “think on your feet”, so to speak. You may therefore find it helpful to have a list of possible topics by your side. This will help you avoid ‘dead air’ and give you new conversational material when the conversation falters.

Keep it light

Keep in mind that trouble may arise if you are an especially forward or verbally aggressive type of person. There are many opportunities to be misunderstood in the course of a typical phone call, and your statements may be taken the wrong way. How do you avoid this? How do you not come off as an insufferable douchebag if you have the tendency to be misunderstood?

You might find it helpful to keep the conversation simple and to stick to more neutral topics. Instead of diving right into why you find a certain political stance distasteful or how you can’t stand a particular social movement, it might be better to ask what her thoughts are on the subject and then to share yours in a restrained and respectful manner.

The proper place and time

To be clear, we’re not suggesting that you walk on eggshells or that you adopt a phone persona that is at odds with who you are in real life. Instead, what we are suggesting is that you learn the right place and the right time to communicate your most cherished values and ideals. The first conversation with a potential sugar baby isn’t exactly the ideal platform in which to communicate your theories about the lost kingdom of Atlantis or top-secret government experiments on alien life forms! It might be best to simply mention something about your interests along those lines, and get more in-depth when you know each other better and have the occasion to meet in real-life.

It’s no secret to any potential sugar babies what it is you are after in such a relationship. Most will have a clear understanding that you are an older gentleman who is looking for companionship or a long-term relationship in exchange for financial support. Nevertheless, you should avoid acting superior or entitled in any way, and avoid any lecherous behavior or coarse language as well. Many sugar babies won’t tolerate someone who comes across as too pushy or too demanding, and any misplaced lasciviousness on your part will simply make you seem juvenile and desperate.

Trust and security issues

As much as you would like to trust whoever is on the other end of the line, you will have to make every effort to protect yourself. It may be difficult for you to accept, but there are some truly messed up people out there, and the sugar dating world unfortunately attracts a significant number of them. It may therefore be in your best interests to not use your primary phone to initiate communication.

Some alternative options include using a throwaway cellphone, a VoIP service such as Skype, or a service that allows you to assign a secondary phone number to your primary account. These options will provide you with an added layer of protection, and give you an easy way out if you come across an overly pushy, unpleasant, or threatening sugar baby. A video call also offers the added bonus of being able to see who you are talking to, and for you to be seen yourself.

Needless to say, you shouldn’t share any important personal information until such a time that you have built up trust in the person you are talking to. This will usually only come about after you have met in person several times. Do not under any circumstances divulge your credit card number, your home address, your place of work, or even too many details about your day-to-day routines. Let’s face it: a great many sugar daddies are desperate to land a relationship, and many unscrupulous individuals are unfortunately only too eager to take advantage of the easy or gullible.

What it boils down to

In many ways, an effective first phone call simply boils down to respect and politeness. Think up a warm and welcoming greeting, keep the conversation light and constantly moving forward, and remember to say thank you before saying a gracious “goodbye”. Remember that this is an opportunity that could either make or break any future chances you have with a potential sugar baby match, so don’t blow it!

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