If things have gone according to plan up until this point, you are probably now a happy and proud sugar daddy. If so, congratulations are definitely in order! Here’s to a fruitful, satisfying, and rewarding relationship with your sugar baby for a long time to come!

Your journey is just beginning

However, it doesn’t end here. Just as in any other relationship, you will have to invest a considerable amount of time and effort in order to ensure that the relationship stays as enjoyable and as rewarding as possible, for as long as possible. You will have an important role in ensuring this, as does your sugar baby. Keep in mind that relationships are constantly evolving, and you can’t simply expect it to run smoothly and remain trouble-free without any active participation on your part.

Pulling your weight

Perhaps the single most important factor in maintaining the healthy state of a relationship is participation. As outlined in the previous step of this guide, you each have responsibilities to fulfill, not only as part of your roles as “sugar daddy” and “sugar baby”, but as partners in a dynamic relationship as well.

When money is tight

Of course, as sugar daddy, you will be expected to uphold your primary responsibility, which is playing the role of chief financer. In the early heady days of the relationship, this is a role that you will find easy to fulfill, and you may in fact even relish it. But there might come a time when the financial responsibilities will prove to be too much of a burden, and you will simply be unable to afford the cost of maintaining the relationship.

In such a scenario, you have two options. One is to explain to your sugar baby that times are hard and that you will have to scale down your spending until such a time as your finances can recover. Hopefully, she will be understanding enough to stick with you for the time being. Otherwise, you may soon find yourself without a partner.

The other option is to cut your losses and put an end to the relationship yourself. Again, you will have to explain the circumstances that have led to your decision, and express to your sugar baby your desire to continue the arrangement when you are able to afford it. You may then also have to deal with the possibility that she may not want anything more to do with you from this point on.

If all that seems like a bit of a downer, it is. But you have to be prepared for any eventuality and deal with changing circumstances in a level-headed and reasonable manner. This will ensure that you come out of the tail end of a relationship emotionally and financially stable, and ready to move on.

The nuts and bolts of maintaining a healthy relationship

Financial downturns aside, how do you ensure that your relationship remains in a healthy and enjoyable state? As with any other type of relationship, effective communication is a must. You will have to make sure to communicate your needs and concerns in a calm, reasonable, and adult manner, and make sure that she understands what exactly you expect from the relationship.

The best time to do this is of course before any signs of trouble come up. If you find that your relationship is already headed toward troubled waters–and yet you still feel that it can be saved–you should exert even more effort toward working with your sugar baby in finding a mutually agreeable solution.

Another crucial aspect of maintaining a healthy relationship is respect. Many sugar daddies are unfortunately guilty of thinking that it is all about them. From time and attention to sex, and even emotional attachment, many sugar daddies feel that the sugar baby owes it all to them without reservation.

To be sure, the very nature of the sugar dating relationship–with the sugar daddy as the primary provider–does entail certain privileges and advantages. You will generally be calling all the shots and charting the course for the entire relationship. But this doesn’t mean that you should abuse the privilege. You will also have to consider the feelings and desires of your partner apart from her financial needs.

Ask yourself this. If you take the financial support out of the equation, will your sugar baby still have a reason to be with you? Does she find you to be a caring, conscientious, and considerate human being? If the answer is “no”, you might find that your relationship is based entirely on your ability to pay for her services. In such a scenario, your relationship is standing on shaky ground as it is.

The many facets of being a sugar daddy

In many ways, being a sugar daddy places you in position of having to play many different roles. You may have to be a companion, a mentor, a father figure, a financial and life adviser, and so on. You may even have to play the role of romantic partner depending on the nature of your relationship. In each of these roles, you will have to show that you have her best interests in mind. Your sugar baby will have to trust in you to a considerable degree, so make sure that you are deserving of that trust.

Give her room to be herself

Finally, always remember to give your sugar baby enough space to grow, both within the relationship and outside of it. Your sugar baby is likely several years younger than you are, and her priorities and outlook in life are likely to be different than yours. You should therefore not begrudge her for wanting to have her own life outside of the sugar dating relationship and even spend some time with her friends and family on occasion.

The last thing you want to be is an overbearing and obnoxious sugar daddy that insists on controlling every aspect of her life down to the tiniest detail. Give her due respect, enough personal space, and treat her as you would any relationship partner, and you will be rewarded with a healthy and happy relationship…and a satisfied sugar baby who will be willing to go the distance with you.

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