How Secret Benefits Takes the Hassle Out of Sugaring

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Although sugaring is definitely refreshingly honest as compared to traditional dating, any sugar dater who’s been doing it long knows that there’s a fine art to finding people who are everything they claim to be. The more you bring to the table as a sugar daddy or sugar baby, the more vigilant you have to become about vetting your potential partners.

Sticking to dating websites designed specifically for sugar daters can be helpful, but the quality of your experience still ultimately depends entirely on the quality of the platform, so it’s important to choose the right one. Secret Benefits is far and away considered the place to be if you’re a next-level sugar daddy or sugar baby who’s serious about finding the right person for you. Here’s a closer look at how it’s making sugaring that much sweeter for everyone.

Strict Verification Processes

While pretty much anyone can browse the site to see what it’s all about and make sure it’s for them, would-be members who are serious about finding the right matches will eventually need to be verified. Verified profiles attract a lot more interest for obvious reasons, and Secret Benefits is famous for making the process easy, but reliable.

For instance, if a sugar baby wants to be verified, she has two choices as to how she can go about it. She can take a selfie that fits strict criteria dictated by Secret Benefits, or she can shoot a quick video that adheres to similar standards. That lets interested daddies know that she really is who she says she is, as well as that her photos are current and up to date.

Flexible Pricing Plans

Everyone’s different when it comes to how they use their favorite sugar dating interfaces, and the sugar daddies on Secret Benefits are no different. Depending on a given daddy’s current relationship status or availability, the amount of time he’ll be spending on the site is naturally going to fluctuate. However, Secret Benefits charges for premium access via an easy credit-based system, so no one is ever stuck paying for features they don’t use or shelling out cash toward membership fees when they’re not currently using their account.

A sugar baby is able to use the site for free, so as long as she takes the time to get verified, she’s pretty much able to use it however she wants. However, she gets to rest a little easier knowing she’s not going to be needlessly pestered by potential daddies that aren’t really serious about getting to know her. If she gets a message from someone, she knows the guy on the other end decided she was worth spending a couple of credits.

User Friendly Navigation

Of course, ease of use is extremely important when it come to any dating interface, and Secret Benefits totally has its members covered there. Everyone has their preferences and personal requirements when it comes to the people they date, sugar daters included, so the search function is incredibly detailed and makes it easy for each member to find what they’re looking for. Among other criteria, searches performed by sugar daddies can be refined by:

  • Location, making it easy to eliminate would-be sugar babies who live too far away.
  • Ethnicity, height, age, hair color, or body type, so interested daddies always have easy access to exactly the type of babies who turn them on most.
  • Photos, so precious time isn’t wasted on people with incomplete or inadequate profiles.

Babies looking for daddies have their searches organized by default according to most recently active to least. However, it’s definitely easy to check people out based on location and other criteria as well. When you’re not actually engaged in browsing or chatting up other members, you can check out the Secret Benefits blog for priceless advice on how to sugar like a champ as well.

In other words, Secret Benefits is second to none when it comes to making sure its user experience is several cuts above the other options out there. That said, it’s a perfect fit for those that really wish navigating the sugar bowl and finding the right people for them were easier, more convenient, and less tricky in general. Are you ready to experience the Secret Benefits difference?

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