Keeping Your Sugar Baby Happy

Most men looking to be sugar daddies tend to place a great deal of focus on their own personal fulfillment and satisfaction. Oftentimes, it is all about “what can I get out of this?” and “what’s in it for me?” This is entirely normal, as we human beings are naturally drawn to situations that benefit us the most.

But turning your focus to that other person in the relationship–your sugar baby­–might actually provide some significant benefits that you may not have considered. In fact, renewing your efforts on trying to make your sugar baby happy could be one of the most effective means to enhance and improve the relationship.

How keeping your sugar baby happy benefits you

But why should you even exert effort on trying to keep your sugar baby happy? Aren’t you, as the sugar daddy, deserving of more satisfaction and fulfillment? Isn’t it her job as the sugar baby to keep you happy? All that is true, of course. As the sugar daddy, your role as main financial provider practically guarantees that you benefit the most from the relationship. But that doesn’t mean that you should neglect the needs of your sugar baby. Apart from fulfilling your financial responsibility, you also have a responsibility to fulfill the other functions associated with your role in the relationship.

Simply put: if your sugar baby is happy, she is more likely to go the extra mile to make you happy. A happy and satisfied sugar baby is the one that stays, and she will be more likely to show her appreciation to you at every turn. Keeping your sugar baby happy also helps keep the drama to a minimum, which is always a good thing in any relationship.

What all this means

What does “keeping your sugar baby happy” mean? Isn’t it enough that you pay her rent, buy her clothes, give her gifts, and take her out on fancy dinners? Sure, that might be enough for some sugar babies. But unless your partner is particularly low-maintenance and easy to please (hint: she probably isn’t), that might be just the bare minimum that she expects from the relationship. And for most women, the bare minimum simply won’t cut it.

Oftentimes, sugar babies expect sugar daddies that do more than just pay the bills. Just as you expect someone that does her part in maintaining the semblance of ‘real’ relationship, so too does your sugar baby expect you to play the role of caring and attentive partner.

Being an interesting partner

Sugar babies are more likely to remain attractive to a sugar daddy that they deem interesting or compelling. You don’t necessarily have to be a dashing and swashbuckling rouge or an international playboy, but it would help to have some sort of personality. If you have something that you are passionate about, consider sharing it with your sugar baby and making her part of it. Passion is always an attractive quality to have, and even more so if it is passion for something other than trying to get her in bed!

Keeping the relationship alive

Any relationship requires considerable effort on the part of both partners to keep it fresh, vibrant, active, and alive. Over time, you might find yourself falling into a rhythm, which might be comfortable and comforting at first, but which could eventually deteriorate into monotony and boredom.

Try to shake up your routines a bit. If you typically stay in on the weekends, consider taking her out on a night on the town. You may even go off on a lost weekend together, which is always a great way to rekindle a relationship that is losing some of its spice.

Going beyond expectations

If you have been together for many years already, your sugar baby may be conditioned to expecting only a certain level of care, attention, and affection from you. It might therefore give your relationship a bit of a boost if you surprise her once in a while with some sign of affection or a specific action that signifies your interest in going beyond your usual sugar daddy role. You can put some effort into showing interest in some aspect of her life, or even offer her some career advice and guidance. The point here is to show that you see her as more than just a sugar baby, and that you are actually taking an interest in her outside of her role in the relationship.

Don’t neglect the little things

Showing your partner that you care doesn’t always have to be about the grand displays or the big gestures. Oftentimes, you can get considerable relationship mileage from small and simple displays of affection. Even the simple act of remembering her favorite perfume or surprising her with a dinner at her favorite restaurant will work wonders, and it could be just the thing to have her renew her esteem for you.

Remember that relationships are so often comprised of significant episodes strung together by numerous seemingly trivial and inconsequential moments. Cherish those smaller moments as you do the big ones, and it will definitely pay off in the long-term.

Being there for her

At the end of the day, the single best way to keep your sugar baby is to be there for her. If you have been together for a number of years, you would have hopefully had numerous opportunities to show her your willingness and ability to be there when she needs you the most. If you haven’t, you will certainly have many opportunities to do so if you plan to stick together for the foreseeable future.

“Being there for your sugar baby” can mean many things. It may mean covering all her needs, whether they are part of your initial agreement or not. It may also mean fulfilling a role beyond that which is typically expected of a sugar daddy. However your own way of being there for her manifest itself, you can be sure that it will count for a lot in terms of keeping your sugar baby happy within the relationship.

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