How Do You Know When It’s Time To Move On?

At some point during the course of your relationship with your sugar baby, you will have to make the decision to move on. In some cases, the situation is pretty much cut-and-dried, with the only obvious solution being ending the relationship. In other instances, it may not seem so obvious, and the sugar daddy may wrestle with the idea for some time before coming to a decision…or having the decision made for him.

One size doesn’t fit all

The thing is that there really isn’t a strict set of rules or guidelines which determine the feasibility of moving on. Every sugar dating relationship is unique. What one sugar daddy may find to be valid reasons for moving on might simply be seen by another as a rough patch that could be easily hurdled. In many ways, moving on is a decision that will have to be based on how much the sugar daddy is willing to put up with within the bounds of the relationship and how important it is to hold on to his sugar baby.

What “moving on” means

At this point, it might be helpful to first define what “moving on” is and what it entails. Simply put, “moving on” means putting an end to the relationship with a particular sugar baby. This could mean going back to the single life or being free to test the waters in preparation for another sugar dating experience.

What it does NOT mean is putting the relationship “on hold” or “cooling off” in the hopes of resuming the relationship at some point in the future. For the purposes of this article, we will define “moving on” as putting a definitive and permanent end to the relationship.

A decision not to be made lightly

Depending on the nature of your relationship with your sugar baby and your own personality, making the decision to move on is one that could come lightly–or it may be the end result of a great deal of hand-wringing. We feel that in the vast majority of sugar dating relationships, moving on is a decision that is arrived at only after a bit of consideration. After all, few people opt to enter into such a relationship lightly. The level of commitment and thought involved in starting the relationship almost guarantees that a certain degree of difficulty will accompany the decision to end it.

So when is it the right time to move on and when is it not? Let’s take a look at some of the circumstances that may justify your decision to go either way.

When the relationship is worth saving

Any relationship is bound to experience its share of ups and down. Partners may argue, quarrel, become annoyed with each other, and even be unable to stand the sight of each other from time to time. But unless these instances become the norm in the relationship, you probably don’t have a very good reason to move on.

The dynamics and the very nature of the sugar dating relationship almost guarantee a certain degree of friction and conflict. After all, the pairing of an older, wealthier man with a younger and less financially-stable woman is about as incongruous as relationships can get! Although not insurmountable, the differences between a sugar daddy and a sugar baby present significant challenges that both partners will have to deal with in order to have a happy and successful relationship. Unless these are constant factors that make the relationship intolerable or detrimental to physical and mental health, an otherwise happy relationship is likely worth saving.

When moving on is the only real choice

On the other hand, there are instances wherein ending the relationship is not only feasible, but imperative! This is the case when there is physical or emotional abuse on the part of either partner, an unwillingness to correct destructive, irrational, selfish, or cruel behavior, and an unacceptable character trait that only becomes apparent after months or years into the relationship.

As cruel and as heartless as it may seem, it may be justifiable to move on if you come to a point wherein you have lost interest or affection for your partner. Because the sugar dating relationship is often based primarily on mutual benefit rather than love or affection, you aren’t exactly bound by an iron-clad commitment to see it through even after the flames of passion have fizzled out.

Of course, it is always best to be a gentleman about such things, and to make every effort to ensure that the split is an amicable one. There is simply no reason why you should have to kick your sugar baby to the curb unceremoniously, especially considering that she has devoted a fair bit of time, effort, and affection to you. Unless she has treated you especially unfairly or scammed you big time, it is advisable to end the relationship graciously, in a manner that allows her to retain a bit of dignity.

The middle ground

Not all situations are so black and white. There are instances wherein the decision to move on or to stick it out are equally valid, and either one could lead to a favorable outcome. In such cases, the turmoil may be caused a difference in personality or a misunderstanding, rather than an offense or unacceptable behavior on the part of one or both partners. In any case, it might be worthwhile to talk things over in a calm and reasonable manner. You might find that adopting a more open-minded approach could result in a better outcome than simply calling it quits.


Just as you wouldn’t want to stick it out in a relationship that has obviously outlived its value, you wouldn’t want to act too hastily in ending a relationship that could be saved, and is worth saving. Try to figure out whether the reason for your discontent is something that could be addressed by open communication and respect, or if it is truly a lost cause. The answer will help you determine whether or not it is indeed time to move on.

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