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With a name like “MillionaireMatch”, we expected nothing less than the very best from this “luxury” sugar dating site. And for the most part, we weren’t disappointed. The site does offer a good range of features and quality services, and with a client base of well over three million users, we were pretty confident in our chances of finding a few interesting prospects.

After checking out the site in detail, our initial instincts were confirmed. seems to be populated with a large number of legitimate accounts from actual human sugar babies as opposed to bots, which always bodes well for a sugar dating site. We did have some reservations after a few days of browsing around, as we will outline below. Overall however, MillionaireMatch deserves a close look for anyone looking to connect with the sugar baby of their dreams.

The website

The site is rendered in an elegant charcoal gray, with tasteful gold highlights sprinkled here and there. The appearance is one of subdued elegance and class, and the site is a refreshing change of pace from other less tastefully-decorated sugar dating sites.

Many of the common features you have come to expect from adult dating sites are right where you expect them to be and are easily accessible. There is a log on link at the top of the page, with the option to sign in via your Facebook account. There is also a sign-up window to the right of the page, where you specify your gender and the gender of the match you are looking for, along with your country and income/financial status. You may opt not to provide financial details if you wish, which is always a good option to have in a sugar dating site.

A “quick search” button gives you a good range of prospective sugar baby options based on your preferences. This makes it easy to see fairly quickly if there is anyone in the site’s client base that strikes your fancy. seems to cater to the sugar daddies on the upper range of the income scale. The copy on the homepage makes mention of individuals who make more than $200,000 a year, and the entire site seems to be geared toward attracting an exclusive and elite clientele in general.

Online reputation seems to enjoy a pretty good reputation online, with its homepage featuring the logos of reputable media outlets and news organizations on which the site has been mentioned favorably. The site has supposedly been featured by a wide range of online and print publications including Forbes, CNN, CBS, The Wall Street Journal, The Huffington Post, and many others. This type of coverage always bolsters the reputation of any sugar dating website and inspires confidence in the quality of its clientele and services.

Strict member verification process

One of the most compelling reasons to check out is the strict process by which the members’ identities and income levels are verified. All users are expected to provide extensive personal details including level of education, employment, and income.

The stringent verification process employed by the site is undoubtedly a good thing in that it weeds out most of the ‘undesirables’. Far too many adult dating sites are populated by bogus accounts or people who misrepresent their appearance, backgrounds, and income levels, which reduce the credibility of a site considerably. With, you are not only assured of a ready supply of genuine sugar babies, but a healthy population of verified sugar daddies as well. This makes it easier for you to find a match, as more sugar babies will be willing to connect with prospective sugar daddies that they know to be legitimate.

Free membership

Remarkably for a “luxury” site, MillionaireMatch offers a free membership option which you can use to check out the site’s features and services. Although you are not able to initiate contact with any other member of the site, you are allowed to reply to messages that are sent to you. This means that you could fill up a profile, and reasonably expect to receive queries from prospective sugar babies. This is more than other sugar dating sites offer with their free memberships or free trial periods, and we have to commend the owners of MillionaireMatch for making this option available.

Signing up for full membership

Of course, the only way you could take advantage of everything that the site has to offer is by signing up for full membership. This is where we found some of the more objectionable issues with the site.

Paid membership–which essentially makes you a “Gold” member–is offered in three packages. You could sign up for a month at a cost of $70, or you could sign on for three months, for which you will have to pay $135. There is also a six-month membership, which costs a pretty steep $210.

There is no getting around the fact that membership at MillionaireMatch is pretty costly. $70 for a single month is a lot more than most other sites charge, and even the savings you incur by opting for three-month or six-month memberships do little to ease cost concerns. Make no mistake: MillionaireMatch is a premium service, and the privilege comes at a correspondingly high cost.

Quality features, world-class service

That being said, you do get a lot for the money that you spend. The site offers a wide range of quality features that you won’t find in most other sugar dating sites, including a very comprehensive search feature. Sugar daddies looking for their perfect match can search for suitable sugar babies by location, physical characteristics, financial requirements, and even by photo. A good search feature is a relative rarity in the online dating world, and the fact that MillionaireMatch has implemented it so well makes it stand apart from many other sites in its niche.

Absolutely topnotch clientele

Perhaps the most compelling reason to sign up at is the high standards imposed on its membership. Not everyone can sign up for an account at the site, and the stringent verification process serves as an effective built-in screening mechanism that ensures a high quality client base. This means that you have access to a much better selection of sugar baby prospects, most of who are more likely to take the sugar dating process seriously. The bottom-line

About the only negative thing we can say about MillionaireMatch is that the cost of membership is pretty steep. However, there is no denying that the site is absolutely topnotch in terms of service, features, and clientele. If you want a site that truly takes the sugar dating experience to the next level and money is no object, you should definitely give a close look.

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