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Rating: is a premium sugar dating website that caters to an elite clientele. Offering a wide range of topnotch features and quality services, it is one of the most exclusive sugar dating websites on the Internet, with an exorbitant membership fee to match.

A backgrounder of

MillionairesClub123 was conceived by Patti Stanger, the celebrity host of reality show “The Millionaire Matchmaker”, which airs on the Bravo network. A vibrant, passionate, and engaging host, Patti was instrumental in the success of the show that paired rich men with young and attractive women. After five years of heading the marketing department of Great Expectations, the company behind The Millionaire Matchmaker, Patti founded MillionairesClub123 in 2000.

Now, more than 17 years later, has become one of the most exclusive­–and most expensive–sugar dating websites around. With its range of services geared toward helping extremely wealthy older gentlemen find the sugar babies of their dreams, the site serves a very narrowly-defined niche clientele.

In this review of MillionairesClub123, we determine whether or not the high cost of membership to the website is money well spent, or if you would be better off taking your business elsewhere.

The MillionairesClub123 approach takes a different approach to sugar dating by adopting a ‘consultation’ model for hooking up sugar daddies with their ideal matches. With most other sugar dating websites, you typically fill up a personal profile, after which you may browse the available listings, or choose from a list of sugar babies that have been preselected for you according to your preferences.

At MillionairesClub123, you are instead assigned a “matchmaker”, who consults with you about your preferences in sugar babies. Asking you about your likes and dislikes in thorough detail, the matchmaker then checks the company’s database and selects appropriate matches for you based on the information you have provided.

That isn’t the full extent of services provided to members by any means. MillionairesClub123 also provides you with a range of consultation packages that include dating coaches, image consultants, personal trainers, and hair stylists. If you wish, you may even be provided a hypnotherapist that will help you overcome issues that may hinder your ability to secure and maintain a relationship.

Website impressions has a number of other things going for it. The site’s design is absolutely topnotch for one thing, and definitely befitting a luxury sugar dating service for the elite. Elegant and tastefully designed, it is remarkably easy to navigate, with all the sections you would wish to access right where you expect them to be.

The site is also refreshingly free from annoying adult-oriented ads for cam sites and escort services, which helps reinforce the classy and elegant feel.

From our research of several sugar dating site reviews, it seems as if MillionairesClub123 offers prospective sugar daddies a good chance of finding a match. Furthermore, many of these matches seem to have a high likelihood of turning into rewarding long-term arrangements. As with most any other sugar dating website, your income and willingness to pay the cost does have a lot to do with your success. Even so, does seem to be a promising site where sugar daddies can find the sugar babies they are looking for.

Privilege comes at a price

Now as you may have expected, membership at doesn’t come cheap. In fact, this could well be the most expensive sugar dating site that you will ever come across on the Internet. Privilege clearly has its price, and in the case of MillionairesClub123, that price is prohibitively steep.

Membership at MillionairesClub123 comes in five packages, each offering a range of services. Aptly named after precious materials, they give you an indication as to the cost and relative benefits of each. These are:

  • Sapphire
  • Bronze
  • Silver
  • Gold
  • Platinum

Sapphire is the introductory package, costing a relatively modest $25,000 for a 6-month membership. For the price, you get unlimited dating opportunities for the entire period (US and Canada only) and 30 minutes of counseling. Cough up an additional $15,000, and you enjoy the same perks for a full year.

The Bronze package costs $45,000, which lets you go on as many dates as you want (or can afford) for a full year. The counseling session is bumped up to a full hour, and you have the option to freeze your membership for up to two months if you wish.

If you have a bit more change to spare, you may want to sign up for the Silver package, which costs a staggering $65,000. In addition to the features that come with the Bronze package, you also get a 1-hour session that incorporates hypnotherapy, image consultation, and date coaching.

Heading into the realm of crazy money is the Gold package, which comes at a cost of $85,000. For the price, you get to actually enjoy the professional consultation services of boss Patti Stranger for one hour, in addition to the perks available with the Silver package. Furthermore, Patti will personally introduce you to your sugar baby of choice.

The Platinum package is where the sugar boys are separated from the sugar daddies. Costing an astronomical $100,000, membership to this elite tier gives you the benefit of a fully customized sugar dating approach. Whether you are looking to meet one of the hottest women in the world or you would like the opportunity to mingle with some truly fine representatives of the female species, this is the package for you.

Money can’t buy you everything

Considering that premium services and highly personalized approach to sugar dating espoused by, we couldn’t find a lot of fault in the site. Of course, the steep cost of membership is pretty formidable, and it is a definite obstacle for all but the wealthiest of sugar daddies. We have to question whether or not it is really worth it to spend all that money just to secure a relationship that may or may not be a sure thing.

And then there is the stringent screening process for sugar daddies. If you are famous as well as exceedingly wealthy, entry into this exclusive club is almost guaranteed. This is not the case with ordinary mortals however, as you may find it nearly impossible to get in regardless of your willingness and ability to pay.

There is also the issue of not having access to a searchable database from which you could choose your match. While there is something to be said about simply sitting back and having your options presented to you, the inability to make your own choices might be off-putting for some.

Clearly isn’t meant for everybody, and most would be far better off taking their chances elsewhere. Unless you can easily blow away tens of thousands of dollars in cash, you might find it more rewarding to check out other sugar dating sites.

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