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You’ve probably given a lot of thought to becoming a sugar daddy over the past several months, although you may still be feeling a bit hesitant about actually going through with it. You can hardly be blamed for getting the jitters. After all, becoming a sugar daddy isn’t a decision to be made lightly. The very real possibility of being scammed or victimized by a predatory sugar baby is something that would cause anyone to disregard the idea entirely.

Even without the possibility of being victimized by a criminal posing as a sugar baby, the idea of letting someone new into your life is rife with potential problems. Considering that most sugar daddies are men with children that they want to protect at all costs, you can imagine how some would totally shy away from the idea of sugar dating.

But for every ten stories about sugar dating relationships gone wrong, there is one or two that stands as a testament to the idea of becoming involved with a sugar baby. Success stories are admittedly the rarity in the sugar dating world, but they do take place. Check out these success stories from men that have found success at and you may just decide to try out your luck in the sugar dating arena.

James Dermott

59 years old, tax attorney

James is the baby of the bunch, both in years and in experience. New to the sugar dating world, James is only on his second sugar baby, having found his first sugar baby on when he was 54. Although his first experience didn’t last for very long, it ended on friendly terms, and left him with a fairly positive impression of the experience. Now on his third year with current sugar baby Sherry, James couldn’t be happier.

“My first sugar dating experience made me realize that there is life after 50”, said James. “I was in pretty low spirits after the end of my 25 year marriage, and my first sugar baby helped me pick up the pieces of my life. With Sherry, I found a much more suitable partner, and I wouldn’t change anything at all.”

Brad Kowalski

64 years old, construction firm owner

Brad’s story isn’t all that different from James’. Also struggling to pick up the pieces after a messy divorce, he had just about given up hope of being happy until Genevieve came into the picture by way of a recommendation. Like James, Brad had very little experience with sugar dating, and in fact didn’t even know that it existed until he was 60 years old.

“Of course I knew that younger women sometimes entered into relationships with older men, but I wasn’t aware that so many women actually do it on a full time basis”, said Brad. “Although the idea of women taking up with older men for money took some getting used to, I can understand now how that might actually be a more preferable arrangement for some.”

Now on his third sugar baby, Brad has nothing but positive things to say about the experience. “Meeting Genevieve was like getting a brand new lease on life”, he said. “For anyone thinking that life is over after you reach a certain age, I’m here to tell you that the best is yet to come!”

Stanley Lorber

68 years old, judge

Stanley’s is a different case entirely. As a trial court judge, he is understandably hesitant to share his views on sugar dating in general, and he is even more reluctant to divulge details of his relationship with his sugar baby. But changing public sentiments and perceptions have helped him realize the viability of such arrangements in this day and age.

“Things today are a lot different now than they were when I was a young man forty or so years ago”, said Stanley. “Sure, we had the ‘Free Love’ scene and the Sexual Revolution, but the idea of women making a commitment to an older man was something that simply wasn’t talked about, much less accepted.”

A few years after his wife of 35 years passed away, Stanley began to feel the pain of loneliness. “I was in a pretty dejected state after my wife died”, he said. “I had already gone on dates with women in my social circle, but I realized that I wasn’t really looking for a long-term relationship.”

After a close friend who was involved in a sugar dating relationship brought up the idea, he decided to meet with a prospective sugar baby. They hit it off amazingly well, and have now been together for two years.

“Claire is exactly what I need at this stage in my life”, said Stanley. “I’m not closing myself off to the possibility of a more permanent relationship, but I really couldn’t ask for anything more at this point.”

David Metzger

56 years old, nightclub owner

David is someone who isn’t a stranger to the adult dating scene. Single for most of his life (he was married for a brief period during his 20s–“Never again!”), he has had a lengthy string of casual and more intimate relationships over the years. But the years of “serious” dating and the endless drama and conflict have placed a significant toll on David, and he now much prefers the relatively stress-free and “low-commitment” nature of sugar dating.

“I’m really not at all like most sugar daddies in that I’m not looking for someone to play the role of a wife or to substitute for a ‘real’ girlfriend”, David said. “I’m totally aware that most sugar babies are looking for nothing more than someone to pay the bills, and I’m happy to be that guy.”

“I like the idea of being able to end a relationship whenever I want”, said David. “I’m a pretty straightforward guy, and I definitely don’t have use for drama. If a sugar baby becomes more trouble than she is worth, I have zero problems about putting an end to the scenario!”

There you have it: four different men, four different outlooks on the sugar dating experience. Whether you agree with all of them or none at all, your curiosity about sugar dating is now more than likely piqued. Why not give it a try and find out just how much fun you can have being a sugar daddy?

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