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1 - Topnotch Sugar Dating Site Delivers On All Counts Review: The standard by which all other sugar dating sites should be measured.

In an online world filled with lookalike sugar daddy dating sites all seemingly offering identical opportunities and experiences, stands apart for its simple but effective approach to sugar dating and its’ consistently high rate of successful results. Offering an experience that it somewhat modestly describes as “like regular dating, only better”, the company offers a unique platform that is everything that you could ever hope for in a sugar dating site and then some. Prospective sugar daddies take note: SecretBenefits is not your ordinary average dating site, and as this website review will show, your world is about to change in a big way.

A Sugar Dating Website – No More, No Less

Right from the start, this site makes no bones about the services it provides and the opportunities available on offer. Unlike many other websites that are little more than fronts for cam sites and quick-hookup cyber joints, it makes it clear that it is a sugar dating site right at the outset. This is NOT the place for idle chitchat, casual encounters, or short-term sexual trysts. Instead, it is a site where you have the opportunity to meet a wide variety of prospective sugar babies, each of whom have a good chance of becoming a long-term partner in a mutually beneficial relationship.

The Sign-Up Process

Signing up is about as easy as it can be and is free for sugar babies. Sugar daddies are required to pay for membership, but the cost is pretty reasonable.  Members are required only to provide an email address and some personal information. Among the personal information that will be collected are your preferred username, height, body type, hair color, and ethnicity.

One of the most pleasantly surprising things about SB is that the membership fee for sugar daddies is very reasonable. Far too many sites charge exorbitant rates for membership, even though the results hardly justify the cost.

Everything that the site has to offer is available to everyone after signing up. As you sign up, you are given the opportunity to provide more detailed information about yourself in your profile, including the color of your eyes, whether you drink or smoke, your education, your relationship status, and descriptions of any tattoos or piercings you may have.

Of course, you also have the option to upload photos to your profile. Unlike other sugar dating websites, photos are not mandatory and you have access to all areas of the site even without having uploaded a photo. Of the photos that you do upload, a few can be designated ‘secret’, with access provided only to members of your choice on an individual basis. Review: The standard by which all other sugar dating sites should be measured.

Verification Boosts Your Credibility

Although you aren’t required to have any photos associated to your profile, a photo is required for verification. This process helps boost your reputability on the website, and increases your chances of being trusted by prospective sugar babies who may be interested in you.

The verification process is quite simple. You only have to upload a photo of yourself holding a piece of paper on which you have written your username, the word “Secret”, and the current date. The photo should show your face clearly, and it should also show you wearing the same clothes you are wearing in another photo uploaded to your profile.

In order to contact a sugar babies directly, you will have to purchase credits. Don’t worry: the cost is negligible and is more than worth it. Plans are currently underway to shift to a subscription-based model, which should add even more value to memberships. You can even purchase credits in bulk, which allows you to get in touch with any sugar baby you wish and exchange as many messages as you want. Although free credits would be preferable, this is undoubtedly the next best thing.

Top-Notch Search Feature

This site claims that it isn’t so much a sugar dating service as it is a place wherein sugar daddies and sugar babies can meet of their own accord. Nevertheless, the site does have a pretty capable search feature that rivals that of the best sugar daddy sites that claim to offer a full suite of services for a high cost.

Searching for a sugar baby on this site can be done to a remarkably accurate and specific degree. You can fine tune your search according to distance, photo availability, ethnicity, and physical characteristics such as height, body type, hair color, and age.

Search results are automatically presented with the most recently active sugar babies up on the top of the page. You may also arrange the results according to distance or the date when the sugar babies signed up at the site. Even with no mobile app currently offered, the search feature enables it to edge out most other sites in terms of convenience and flexibility.

Fast and Promising Results

After we narrowed down our choices to about ten sugar babies, we set about trying to establish communications with them. Surprisingly, we got eight responses, with four replaying within the first 24 hours. We consider this pretty good odds for a sugar dating website, and we can’t recall being able to get as many responses in such a short time on any other site. Better still, we were able to quickly set up dates with five ladies, three of which have already proven to be promising prospects. Given this favorable reception, we are pretty confident that we will be able to meet with the rest very soon and have an equally enjoyable time.

Price (Per Plan)

  • 100 credits – $59.00
  • 500 credits – $169.00
  • 1000 credits – $289.00

Proactive Customer Support

Interestingly enough, one thing that really helped boost our confidence in SB wasn’t found on the site itself. Instead, we found it in sugar daddy reviews on other websites and on Reddit. Most of the submitted reviews were overwhelmingly positive, which came as no surprise. But in the handful of reviews wherein the customer had issues with the site, we were pleasantly surprised to see representatives actually responding and committing to address the problems.

Now this is the kind of customer support that we always hope to find in a sugar dating website! Far too many sites leave the members to sort out their own problems after they have already signed up and paid the membership fee, which doesn’t speak well of the site’s professionalism. The fact that site’s representatives have taken a proactive role in monitoring review websites and addressing customer concerns directly shows their focus on ensuring member satisfaction. This definitely scores major points with us, and we can only hope that other sugar dating websites exhibit the same professionalism with regard to their service.

The Verdict of Review

It is rare that we find a sugar dating website in which we have nothing to complain about. Most other sites offer a pretty decent set of features and services, but the serious issues that inevitably crop up have us scrambling to delete our accounts sooner or later. With this dating site, there is nothing that we would change or improve upon even if we were given the chance to do so. For those wondering whether SecretBenefits is legit or worth the time and effort, our answer is a definitive “Yes!”

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