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Rating: is a sugar dating site that aims to connect sugar daddies with prospective sugar babies and vice versa. Billing itself as a luxury site, it has a huge clientele comprising well over 10 million members from 139 countries around the world. There is a ratio of about four sugar babies to every sugar daddy, which means that there are plenty of opportunities to meet your match. The site claims to get you a match in as little as five days, although this isn’t necessarily the case as we later found out.

In general, SeekingArrangement gets pretty good reviews on the Internet. It consistently gets high rankings in adult dating review websites, due to its good range of features, its member verification services, and invitations to exclusive SeekingArrangement events. In terms of appearance, the site has a simple but elegant design that invites further exploration. Let’s take a closer look at what it has to offer. First impressions

The website has a simple yet stylish design almost entirely dominated by white, with a few tastefully positioned red highlights. The color combination suggests an adult-oriented website without resorting to the garish or tacky design elements common to many other dating sites. The use of stylish fonts also provides a slick and contemporary look that blends perfectly well with the site’s theme.

The simplicity of design makes it easy to navigate to the various areas of the site. To be sure, there really isn’t much that you can see prior to signing up for an account. At the top of the home page are links to a “How it Works” section, a section defining what an “arrangement” is, and a sparse “About Us” section. All pretty standard fare, but the sections outlining the services and features can be useful for those new to the site.

At the bottom of the homepage are links to language options, with support for Spanish, French, German, Chinese, Dutch, and Portuguese provided. Below that are links to the site blog, the terms and conditions, site reviews, and a link by which you can reach the company’s support staff.

The sign-up process

The “Getting Started” portion of the homepage gives a short rundown of the process of joining the site. The sign-up process takes as little as a few minutes, after which the rest of the site’s features will be available to you.

The sign up process also lets you set up a profile, to which you may upload a photo. There is also a section in your profile wherein you can specify your requirements and expectations for potential sugar babies.

Features has a pretty good range of features. Among these are several that you would expect to find in your typical sugar daddy site, along with a few exclusive perks available only to SeekingArrangement members. Here’s a quick rundown:

  • Option to share private photos
  • Ability to specify “favorite” members
  • Background-verified members
  • Criteria matching feature
  • Real-time messaging
  • Exclusive invites to SeekingArrangement parties
  • An active online blog
  • Free trial period

The free trial period

SeekingArrangement offers a free trial period by which prospective sugar daddies could learn more about the site without having to sign up beforehand. Available for an indefinite time, the trial period enables you to send up to ten messages at no cost. These messages could be sent to ten different sugar babies if you wish, or to a single sugar baby. After you have used up your ten free messages, you will have to sign up for a paid membership if you wish to continue using the site.

Criteria matching feature

SeekingArrangement has a pretty good criteria matching feature that makes it easy to find potential matches. Upon signing up, you will be asked to provide a number of details about yourself, including physical characteristics and how much financial assistance you are willing to provide. You can specify any amount you wish, and there is even an “open” option, which lets you negotiate the terms with your chosen match at a future date.

When searching for a sugar baby, you can narrow your search by physical characteristics and amount of financial assistance required as well. This makes it easy to quickly focus on sugar babies that meet your criteria, saving you plenty of time in the process.

Background-verified members

Perhaps the most appealing aspect of a SeekingArrangement membership is the wide range of background-verified members available. Unlike other sites that are heavily populated by bots and fictitious accounts, SeekingArrangement seems almost entirely comprised of actual human members as far as we’ve seen. And considering the broad clientele base of the site, there are plenty of chances to meet someone that you have a good chance of hitting it off with.

Another advantage is that most of the sugar babies seem to actually be serious about meeting a sugar daddy. Many are very clear and specific about what they want in terms of living arrangements and financial support, and there is little of the ambiguity common in other sugar dating websites. It’s pretty refreshing to have access to such a broad user base of serious sugar babies, and it is a big part of what makes SeekingArrangement so appealing compared to other sugar dating websites.

Unfortunately, it can be difficult to get a response to your messages. Although the site has a ratio of four sugar babies to every one sugar daddy, two million sugar daddies on the hunt still comes out to plenty of competition. The sugar babies are out there to be sure, but it might take a while before someone gets around to viewing your profile or replying to your message.

The cost of membership

If you like what you’ve seen so far and you wish to avail of all the features provided by the site, you can sign up for a membership at a cost of $50 per month.

Now, this may seem a pretty steep price to pay, but consider everything you get in return. offers one of the biggest pools of sugar babies we’ve seen on the Internet, and all the profiles you will come across are from actual members. Not having to deal with bots and fictitious user accounts is a definite perk, and the wide range of potential matches makes the deal even better.

That being said, the difficulty in getting a response can be quite disappointing. There are certainly a number of other sites that offer a higher response rate and lower membership costs, but you will probably have fewer options to choose from, as well as a more limited range of features.

Verdict for

The high cost of membership is perhaps one of the least appealing aspects of Although there are plenty of sugar babies to choose from, the difficulty in actually connecting with someone is a definite ‘minus’ as well. We advise checking out the site on a trial basis first. If you are still willing to deal with these negatives afterwards, you may opt to sign up for a full membership.

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