Sex And The Sugar Daddy: Reality Versus Expectations

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Ask any sugar daddy, and he will likely tell you that sex is one of the most enjoyable aspects of sugar dating. Let’s face it: for many older men, the prospect of being able to have sex with a young, beautiful, and willing woman is pretty damn irresistible.

But sex–which often isn’t quite the way you expect it when younger–tends to be even more uncertain and inconsistent when you are older. Decreased libido, reduced performance capability, and a host of other factors can get in the way of what would otherwise be an enjoyable sex life. Add to that the many unique factors inherent in a sugar dating relationship, and you may find that sex isn’t all that that it’s cut out to be for a sugar daddy.

In this article, we go over some of the most pertinent aspects of sex within the sugar dating experience, with the goal of hopefully helping you bridge the gap between expectations and reality.

Sex for the taking

In many cases, sugar dating is little more than a straightforward arrangement in which sex is granted in exchange for money. There are many other perks that sugar dating provides of course, but for many men, being able to enjoy sex with their sugar baby is a given.

But not all such arrangements involve sex. Some sugar babies may refuse sex altogether and may instead prefer to serve the role of social escort or companion. In some cases, the sugar daddy himself may not be interested in sex at all.

Even in sugar dating relationships wherein sex is a part, the sugar daddy and the sugar baby may have different ideas on when and how often sex will take place. Just like in any other relationship, this will have to be discussed if any conflict or misunderstanding comes up.

Sex as a bargaining tool

You might be surprised to find that sex–or the withholding of it–is frequently used as a bargaining tool within a sugar dating relationship. Whether or not this is fair or justifiable is disputable, but suffice it to say that this is a reality you may have to live with.

Now, as to how you will deal with the issue is up to you. In situations wherein the arrangement between sugar daddy and sugar baby is clearly-defined and almost businesslike, issues such as sex may be discussed in very formal and tangible terms. For instance, you may agree to provide a cash allowance every month, in return for which you can expect to have sex whenever you feel like it.

Most sugar dating arrangements aren’t quite so clearly defined with regard to sex. More often than not, you will be expected to commit to a certain degree of support, with the sex being provided depending on factors that may change from time to time. If you feel that you are not getting enough sex in the relationship, you will have to bring up the subject for discussion with your sugar baby.

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When you want more sex than she does

Problems often arise in a sugar dating relationship when you are unable to get the amount of sex that you want. Your sugar baby may not be as into it as you are, or she may gradually lose interest in sex over time. Still other sugar babies may refuse sex outright, while others may withhold sex in order to get what they want, whether it is a material object or to convince you to do something that you are hesitant to do.

Regardless of the reason, you will have to determine just how important it is for you to have a sexual relationship with your sugar baby. Considering that you are essentially paying for the privilege of having a companion–which often involves being able to have sex–it isn’t unreasonable for you to expect to have sex as often as regular couples do. If your sugar baby is unwilling to give in to your needs, you may have to consider looking for another partner.

When you are unable to provide for her needs

There are also instances wherein it is you who is unwilling or unable to satisfy her needs. Aging unfortunately brings with a host of issues and concerns, and impotence and erectile dysfunction are common. The good news is that there are many products available on the market nowadays that will help enhance sexual performance and increase libido. Some of these can be very effective, and you might find yourself being able to enjoy sex more than you have ever had before.

Health concerns

The subject of health concerns as they relate to sex cannot be avoided in any discussion of sugar dating. One other reality that you will have to accept is that you may not be able to muster up the desire for sex as frequently as you would like. Furthermore, you may not be able to perform satisfactorily when you do have the urge, even with the use of clinical ‘enhancements’.

Speaking of clinical solutions, you should be aware that products such as Viagra, Cialis, and Levitra may cause certain side effects and unpleasant symptoms in men that have a history of cardiovascular disease. Although many older men are able to take these medications safely without any adverse side effects, it is advisable to consult with your doctor before taking anything that is intended to help you overcome erectile dysfunction.

In fact, it may be better to err on the side of caution and consult with your doctor about the feasibility of maintaining an active sex life, especially if you are at a particularly advanced age. Even if you may feel that you are up to it, you may have some underlying condition that could make sex risky. See your doctor and get it out of the way, so you can either address the condition or embark on an active sexual life with your sugar baby with absolutely no worries.

Sex within the bounds of a sugar dating relationship is rarely ever as cut-and-dried as one would hope. Keep an open attitude and be open to new experiences while keeping your health in mind, and you should be able to enjoy a happy and fulfilling sex life with your sugar baby.

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