Should You Move In Together?

At some point in the course of your relationship with your sugar baby, you may have to consider the possibility of moving in together. Whether this is due to your own wishes or your sugar baby’s, this is something that will require a lot of thought and planning. Moving in together is a big decision for any couple, and the unique nature of the sugar daddy-sugar baby relationship makes it even more significant.

Why would you want move in together?

In most sugar dating relationships, both the sugar daddy and the sugar baby are happy enough to maintain independence and live their lives separately from each other. As long as the needs of each partner are met, there is no reason why such an arrangement couldn’t be maintained for an indefinite period. Many of the most successful relationships in fact provide for plenty of time away from each other, with the partners only meeting at pre-agreed times or according to a pre-determined schedule.

But in some relationships, either the sugar daddy or the sugar baby­­–or both–may eventually want to take things to the next level by living together. This could be due to a change in the nature of the relationship–as is the case when the couple falls in love–or simply for practical reasons.

Now keep in mind that not every sugar dating couple that decides to live together does so because they have fallen in love. Some simply feel as if living together in a single house is the most practical course of action. In other cases, an ageing sugar daddy may have increased requirements for companionship and care, and may ask the sugar baby to live with him.

Of course, there are relationships wherein the couple does fall in love, in which case moving in would be the next logical stage of the relationship. Regardless of whether love or practicality is the primary reason for moving in together however, both partners should give the decision plenty of thought.

When moving in together is justifiable

There are instances wherein moving in together is the most logical course of action. In cases wherein the couple has genuinely fallen madly in love with each other, moving in together is really the only thing left to do.

But in the vast majority of cases, things may not be as obvious and clear-cut. There may be some hesitation in the part of one or more partners, or there may be some strong doubts as to the feasibility of such a decision.

Couple Kissing And Toasting To Their New Home

Doubts in themselves do not necessarily mean that moving in together is a bad idea. Instead, it could simply mean that you have a realistic view of the circumstances and are open to considering every angle. In fact, not having any doubts at all could very well mean that you are letting your emotions get the better of you, which could cause you to neglect or miss out on any potential problem areas.

As for the signs that could mean that you are ready to move in together, ask yourself this:

  • Have you been a couple for a considerable period of time?
  • Is your relationship built on mutual trust and respect?
  • Do you have a genuine affection for one another?
  • Can you both not stand to be apart for more than a few days at a time?
  • Do you see yourselves spending the rest of your life together?

Now keep in mind that answering “yes” to one or even all of these questions doesn’t necessarily mean that moving in together is the best possible course of action. But the more of these questions you answer “yes” to, the more likelihood you have of being able to make it work.

Signs that you shouldn’t move in together

There are also situations wherein you strongly want to move in together, but it may not necessarily be the right decision. For instance, if you simply want to keep a closer eye on your sugar baby or you wish to make sure that she doesn’t see anyone else on the side, your relationship isn’t exactly one that is built on trust. This makes for a poor foundation for a live-in relationship.

Living in together also isn’t a good idea if you are dependent on your sugar baby to a considerable degree. If you are at such an advanced age that you need around the clock care or if you need assistance for basic day-to-day tasks, you might actually be better off with a caregiver or a stay-in nurse instead of a sugar baby.

You may also want to reconsider your decision to move in together if you feel that you owe it to your sugar baby to do so, or if you are doing it out of some sense of responsibility or the need to “save” her. Any relationship in which the partners move in together should be based on mutual support and affection. If you find yourself in the position of playing “savior” or “redeemer”, the relationship itself is in an imbalanced state, and you could very well be setting yourself up for serious problems later on.

Preparing for moving in

If you do both decide that moving in would be in both your best interests, it is important to take stock of the relationship and define the roles and responsibilities of each partner. From this point on, the dynamics of the relationship will change significantly. This could mean increased emphasis in each one’s roles as sugar daddy or sugar baby, or redefining the relationship to be more in line with a traditional one. In any case, it will require a thorough clarification of each partner’s roles and a clear understanding of both partner’s expectations.

As you may have realized by now, moving in together is one of the biggest decisions that you will ever have to face as a sugar daddy. Entering into this next phase of your relationship will require an open mind, willingness to compromise, and a clear realization of what it entails. Discuss the matter thoroughly from every possible angle, and you will have a much better chance of making it work.

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