The Social Implications Of Having A Sugar Baby

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Among the most-ignored aspects of sugar dating are its social implications. Sugar daddies forming a relationship with a sugar baby for the first time usually have little regard for how it will affect their social and professional lives, and the other aspects of their personal lives. Amidst the excitement and anticipation of enjoying the companionship of a much younger and hotter woman, most men simply don’t bother to think of such things.

But no relationship exists in a vacuum, and no matter how tightly you keep your relationship under wraps, people are bound to find out. Especially if you stick with your sugar baby for a lengthy period, your friends and family will eventually ask questions.

There are a number of ways by which you could address the social implications of a sugar dating relationship, and a few others by which you could avoid the issue altogether. Here are some of the options available to you.

Keeping your relationship secret

Keeping a relationship with a sugar baby secret is something that most sugar daddies do instinctively. Not everyone is as accepting or as understanding of the need for a sugar baby, and friends and family members can be surprisingly judgmental or justifiably offended. In such cases, simply concealing the relationship is the easiest way to avoid stress and conflict.

But this course of action isn’t without its own drawbacks. Your sugar baby may resent being hidden away from the “public eye”, and the constant need for secrecy and subterfuge could put a tremendous strain on your relationship. Even if you explain that such measures are necessary in order to protect your professional reputation or to preserve your relationship with family members, resentment is bound to build up.

Keep in mind also that a ‘secret’ relationship will greatly limit your ability to go where you want to go, whenever you want. Expecting your sugar baby to put up with such restrictions is a bit unfair, especially since she has done nothing that justifies her having to act in such a secretive manner.

Coming out in the open

The next obvious solution is to simply let the chips fall where they may and to come out in the open. This is actually in increasingly feasible solution these days as more and more people have begun to develop more tolerant attitudes toward “alternative” lifestyles and even to sugar dating.

Of course, this course of action opens you up to the risk of criticism and conflict from the less understanding and less tolerant people you know. In more extreme cases, you may even be ostracized by your family and social circles. Unless you can effectively explain your situation to these people (we offer some suggestions on how to do that towards the end of this article), you may have to put up with a certain degree of friction as long as you stick it out with your sugar baby. In some cases, having a sugar baby may affect your friends and family to such a degree that you may have to deal with the fallout for many years afterwards, and possibly even for the rest of your life.

On the plus side, coming out in the open will almost surely win you some points with your sugar baby. The message you will be putting across with such a decision is that you don’t care what others think of your relationship and possibly even that you are proud of your sugar baby. This could be a great confidence booster on the part of your sugar baby, and she will probably appreciate you all the more for it.

Keep in mind that not all sugar babies are eager to make your relationship known to the world. In some cases, it may be your sugar baby who insists that you keep your relationship private. This being the case, you should respect her wishes, just as you expect her to respect yours if the situation was reversed.

Keeping it your business

A middle ground of sorts can be achieved by simply not making a big show of having a sugar baby, but not keeping it secret either. When you think about, having a sugar baby is really your own business. As long as you aren’t causing harm or distress to anyone, and you can afford to have a sugar baby without being remiss in your financial obligations, there really isn’t any reason why you shouldn’t be able to do what you want.

That being said, you do have an obligation to at least explain yourself to close family members, particularly if you have young children or if you have separated from their mother under acrimonious conditions. In such scenarios, you owe it to your children to at least explain the circumstances that led to your decision. It’s a tricky subject to broach to be sure, and you may not come out of it unscathed. The following section offers some suggestions on how you can deal with the issue if you have children.

Explaining your sugar baby to family

If you have some reservations about “coming out” to friends and family with regard to your sugar baby, you might have good reasons for that. Whether you are picking up the pieces after a messy divorce, have young children who may not understand your decision fully, or older family members that may have a less than supportive view of your relationship, you will have to tread lightly and explain yourself in a way that doesn’t cause any more conflict or friction.

Explain to your children that you feel that you deserve to be happy and that they will always come first to you. Oftentimes, children feel as if a sugar baby is intended to take the place of their mother. Assure them that this isn’t the case at all, and that your new girlfriend will not affect your relationship with them whatsoever. It will be a huge challenge to get everyone on the same page, especially if your children are still very young. But honesty and straightforwardness will go a long way, and they will hopefully come around to supporting you in your pursuit of happiness.

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