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Rating: is an interesting sugar dating service that combines an app with a comprehensive sugar dating website. This sort of dual approach goes well beyond what other services are able to offer, providing sugar daddies with more opportunities to connect with sugar babies quickly and easily.

In many ways, SudyApp can be said to provide a pretty unique and novel approach to sugar dating, even in a field that is pretty fresh and cutting-edge to begin with. Despite the remarkable promise that it shows however, both the app and the website could use quite a bit of improvement, as many reviews–and this particular one–will show. First impressions

Upon browsing to the website, we were immediately impressed with the slick and professional presentation. Clean and tastefully-designed, the site had a fresh and attractive motif that instantly grabbed our attention. We also find most of areas of the site remarkably easy to navigate, with a user interface that wins high marks for efficiency and ease of use.

We were also pleasantly surprised at how many members the site had. Although it hasn’t been around for that long, the site was populated with a good number of members, many of whom seemed to be legitimate sugar babies as opposed to bots and bogus account holders. A healthy clientele is always a good indicator of a sugar dating site’s reputability, so we were optimistic that our experience at would at least be a fairly rewarding one.

Interestingly, only the profiles of sugar babies are viewable at SudyApp. This suggests that the site is geared more toward sugar daddies than sugar babies, as indicated by the seeming emphasis on maintaining discretion with regard to sugar daddies’ identities. We aren’t quite sure about how sugar babies would feel about their profiles being on display to the public, but we certainly appreciated being able to maintain a low profile!

The site employs a surprisingly rudimentary method for verifying members. Like most other sites, you will be asked to provide a recent photo of yourself. The catch is that the photo should show you holding a piece of paper with the word “Sudy” on it. We seriously doubt whether such a simple tactic would effectively deter more serious scammers and other unscrupulous individuals, but it does seem to be enough to discourage those who aren’t really serious about pursuing a sugar dating experience.

The Sudy App

Using the app is the simplest and most convenient way to utilize the company’s services, especially if you are always on the go and don’t wish to be tied down to a computer. Simply download the app, and you will receive instant messages and other useful information right on your iPhone or Android device.

Upon loading the app, you will see a title screen for a second or two before being taken to the Sudy page. Here you will see two tabs at the top of the page, one labeled “Moments”, which is basically a feed that displays recent events, and “Nearby”, which shows sugar babies that are located near you. You can then send any sugar baby a message or grant her a “sugar”. These are similar to “likes” on Facebook, with members that have more likes ranking higher on the Sudy listings.

Welcome features

The app also gives you the option to filter listings based on a number of criteria. You may, for example, choose to display sugar babies only, and to limit selections to certain ages and locations. You may also choose sugar babies based on the time they were last online. The feature is really quite effective, and it is possible to narrow down your options to a remarkably precise degree.

Other useful features included in SudyApp are “Tapit”, which lets you discard options by swiping left, and retaining them by swiping right. You also get a message screen wherein you could view messages that have been sent to you, as well as a “Me” screen, on which you could view your own profile.

One feature that greatly adds to the personal aspect of the site is the audio recording capability. This allows you to record a message in a short audio clip and add it to your profile. Prospective sugar babies can then simply click on ‘play’ to hear you talk about yourself in your own voice, and you can listen to sugar babies’ messages as well.

A few caveats

We did find a number of issues with, although they aren’t exactly deal-breakers. One is the use of “Gold Coins”, which–as far as we can tell–have something to  do with determining rankings. We aren’t quite sure what purpose these gold coins serve as there are already sugars that determine the rankings of sugar babies. When we found out that gold coins are actually purchased rather than being earned or gifted, we couldn’t help but feel that it was simply a way to make site users pay more money.

It’s also a bit difficult to find out exactly how many members are part of Although we did find that availability of so many sugar babies to be pretty impressive, a clearer picture of just how many members there are would have been welcome.

To the site’s credit, we didn’t encounter any bots or automated messages from bogus user accounts in the few days we tried out the app and the website. We didn’t get as many replies as we had hoped for, but the replies that we did receive were obviously from genuine and legitimate sugar baby members of the site, and we were able to set up some pretty promising encounters shortly afterwards.

Cost of membership

Membership to the site is provided in the form of three “premium” packages. $59.99 gets you a one-month membership, while $119.99 enables you to enjoy the benefits of membership for three months. For a pretty steep $179.99, you get to enjoy six months’ membership.

All three packages enable you to access the various areas of the much more quickly than free members, and you get all the benefits that full membership provides as well. Best of all, you are able to set up as many dates as you want…or at least as many as you can handle!

Overall rating provides a pretty good set of features and capabilities, along with the convenience of an app that links seamlessly to the company’s website. Although the features of the service aren’t exactly the most groundbreaking or revolutionary we’ve seen in a sugar dating website, the convenience of the app does do a lot to make the experience easier, more rewarding, and more enjoyable. There are many other sites that have an edge over in terms of features and services, but you could certainly do much worse than to check out this sugar dating website-app combo.

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