Sugar Baby Or A “Serious Relationship”?

Sugar dating is rarely a simple and straightforward matter, particularly if you are going to be together with your sugar baby for a long period of time. While most such relationships start out with a clear understanding of each one’s roles and boundaries within the relationship, time has a way of blurring these lines, expanding definitions, and even redefining the dynamics of the relationship entirely.

This doesn’t even take into consideration all the possible the factors that are beyond your control. You may find yourself falling in love with your sugar baby as time goes on, and subsequently, you may wish to take things to the next level. If you find yourself in that wonderful and oftentimes bewildering middle ground between a sugar dating relationship and a “serious” relationship, this article may provide to be enlightening.

The differences between the two

As always, it would be helpful to define what constitutes a sugar dating relationship and a “real” one, particularly with regard to how they compare to one another.

As you may already know, a sugar dating relationship is one in which a sugar daddy (that would be you) takes on the role of providing for the financial needs of a sugar baby. In return, the sugar baby agrees to provide companionship, whether in private or in social settings, or both. Depending on the terms of the arrangement, the sugar baby may also agree to provide care and attention, and serve as a sexual partner for her sugar daddy.

In many ways, a sugar dating relationship is pretty much the same as most other “serious” relationships. The only differences are that in a “real” relationship, the care, affection, and attention are reciprocated and freely given without any financial incentive. Women involved in a “serious” relationship also generally devote their entire self to their partner at all times, without the time requirements typical of a sugar dating arrangement.

Making the choice

Now, each of these scenarios has its advantages and disadvantages. In a “real” relationship, you will have a partner who will choose to be with you because of love and affection, rather than because of the promise of financial reward. Most such relationships are also based on a mutually shared goals, lifestyles, or interests, which often means that there is a deeper bond that transcends practicality and financial considerations.

We certainly don’t mean to suggest that all relationships built on love rather than money will last forever. People break up all the time regardless of the reasons that brought them together. As admirable or idyllic as the idea of a romantic relationship might seem, they are hardly invincible.

Sugar dating relationships do not automatically equate to “shallow” or “impermanent” bonds either. You might be surprised to find that some of the most enduring relationships are actually between sugar daddies and sugar babies. For some, the clear-cut arrangement leaves little room for doubt, jealousness, and insecurity, with the result being a surprising degree of stability and satisfaction within the relationship. When making the choice between sugar dating and a “real” relationship, it would be prudent to keep these aspects in mind.

Relationship changes

Oftentimes, the relationship between sugar daddy and sugar baby undergo “organic” changes that transform it from a sort of business arrangement toward one that is more like a romantic relationship. In such a scenario, the choice is pretty much out of your hands, although it will require a reassessment of the relationship on the part of both partners. Openness and honest communication are essential, as are compassion with regard to the welfare of each partner. These will help ensure that you are able to make the transition with fewer instances of misunderstanding and failed expectations.

You may not have to choose

There are also situations wherein you may not have to choose between a sugar dating relationship and a romantic relationship at all. In addition to the aforementioned scenario wherein the nature of your relationship with your sugar baby changes naturally, this may occur when you feel that your current situation addresses all your needs in a relationship.

Even within the ‘confines’ of a sugar dating arrangement, you might find that you are able to experience all the intimacy and receive all the affection that you need. That would truly give you the best of both worlds, allowing you to enjoy the closeness of a “real” relationship, while continuing to benefit from the more casual and strictly-defined aspects of a sugar dating arrangement.

Accepting reality

One thing that you have to prepare yourself for is the possibility that your desire for more intimacy and a more romance-based relationship may not be shared by your sugar baby. Many sugar babies see sugar dating as simply a step toward some bigger and more permanent goal, and they may not be willing to be tied down with you or any sugar daddy now and in the future. This is just something that you will have to live with, so be on guard against letting down all your defenses and leaving yourself open to getting hurt if and when the relationship comes to an end.

In many ways, sugar dating is about straddling the middle ground between what could be and what will never be. Not every sugar baby you come across will be “The One”, nor will every one simply be a quick roll in the hay.

As you gain more experience in the sugar dating scene, you will find that most every situation is a balance between these two extremes. You should therefore be open to the possibility that your relationship could grow into something more meaningful and permanent, and yet also protect yourself from the very real possibility that it is but a temporary thing. To be sure, it will require openness, honesty with yourself, and an ability to think with your head rather than with your heart. But doing so will help you determine when it is time to take things to the next level…and when pulling away will be more to your benefit.

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