– Sugar Dating Site Fails To Deliver On All Counts

Rating: is an adult dating website that provides sugar daddies with the opportunity to meet sugar babies of their choice. Operating on the principle that there is someone for everyone, the site encourages prospective sugar daddies to seek out exactly the type of partner they want without having to settle for second best.

As commendable as the site’s intentions are however, it falls somewhat short of its goals. A close inspection of its features and services reveal a number of serious drawbacks that make it more prudent to search for dating prospects in other websites. Read the rest of this review to find out why may not be the best choice for sugar daddies looking for their ideal match. No member verification

One thing that immediately raised red flags with us was the absence of any verification process for the financial statuses of members. Although this makes it easier to join the site, it also increases the number of bogus “sugar daddies” that are unable–or unwilling–to support a sugar baby financially, or who may not even have the means to do so. Such members tend to ruin the credibility of the site, causing loss of trust among sugar babies. This in turn makes it more difficult for you to find a suitable match.

It gets worse. does not verify the backgrounds and personal details of its members either. Again, this makes it easy for just anyone to join the site. When this happens, incidences of misrepresentation and fraud are likely to increase, which makes it more difficult for everyone to find a match.

The lack of a verification process also means that you may have to deal with bogus sugar babies who may not be entirely honest in terms of appearance or some other aspect of their background. Some may not even be interested in becoming sugar babies at all, and may simply be on the prowl for lonely, gullible men in order to scam them.

Fake profiles abound

A quick browse of some online reviews of SugarDaddie confirms our fears. The site seems to have racked up quite an unsavory reputation with the prevalence of fictitious profiles. Many complaints mention what looks to be stock photographs of beautiful models, along with generic profile details. Unsurprisingly, messages to these “sugar babies” typically go unanswered. There have also been times when sugar daddies received a singly reply, only for all communication to cease completely after they asked the bogus sugar baby for more personal details.

Needless to say, the abundance of fake profiles makes it difficult to figure out which accounts are legit and which are bogus. Trying your luck out with all the profiles one by one is an inefficient process at best, and there is always the risk of connecting with someone who is looking to scam you out of your money.

Too many members

Even considering that most of the accounts at SugarDaddie are from real people, there are still way too many of them to make it easy to find a match. There are already thousands upon thousands of members signed up, with several dozen being added every day. With so much competition among prospective sugar daddies, you can imagine just how difficult it would be to connect with anyone. Add to that the very real possibility of getting in touch with a scammer or a fake account, and you can see how the chances of finding a genuine sugar baby at the site are pretty slim.

As one of the most popular sugar dating sites on the web, also opens you up to the risk of identification or discovery by someone you know. Not many people would like others to know that they are looking for a sugar baby, and the huge number of members at the site makes it easy to be ‘outed’. If you would rather keep your sugar dating activities private, you might be better off looking for a site with a smaller clientele.

Free membership has its perks–or does it?

Okay. Let’s say that, in spite of all the red flags, you still want to give SugarDaddie a try. So you sign up for a free membership and eagerly browse the listings for some hot sugar babies to get in touch with. Not so fast there, Romeo–the free membership doesn’t allow you to send personal messages!

It’s an absolute mystery to us why the site doesn’t allow you to access one of the most basic and most important features of sugar dating sites even to a limited degree. Being allowed to send a few messages with a free trial account is one of the most compelling come-ons a dating site has to offer, and many users have been convinced to sign up on the basis of this feature alone. It’s almost as if SugarDaddie doesn’t want you to become a member, which is even more mystifying considering the absence of any member verification procedure.

The cost of membership

At this point, it’s pretty obvious that there aren’t many reasons why you–or anyone for that matter–would want to become a full-fledged SugarDaddie member.

But let’s say for sake of argument that you are a sucker for punishment or that a few of the sugar baby profiles you’ve seen are hot enough that you are willing to go against your better judgment. Another potential roadblock that the site throws up in front of you is the cost of membership. At just under $22, the monthly membership fee at SugarDaddie is not the most expensive we’ve seen, but it isn’t cheap either. We know of at least a few sugar dating sites that charge less than half of that amount for better service, better features, and an assurance that we are dealing with verified members.

SugarDaddie does offer one-week memberships for $6.93. But considering that the chances of finding a match within a month’s time are pretty slim at best, you can imagine just how much more difficult it would be to find one within seven days. If you decide to go on for three more weeks after the first week, you would have paid $27.72 in a month, which is even more than a monthly membership would have cost.

The bottom-line

About the only good thing we could say about SugarDaddie is that it has a large number of members. However, the absence of a verification process and the chance of being discovered make this more of a disadvantage than a perk. We found the fairly high cost of membership quite unwarranted considering the many negatives about the site, and we encourage all prospective sugar daddies to check out other sites in preference to

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