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Rating: is an adult-oriented website that caters specifically to sugar daddies and female sugar babies. The site has been operational for more than 16 years, and has supposedly managed to help “wealthy Sugar Daddies” and “young beautiful Sugar Babies” establish mutually beneficial relationships. However, those interested in finding the ideal match and enjoying all the other perks that come with a sugar dating website may find this review a bit of an eye-opener. First impressions

The SugarDaddyMeet website is quite simple, yet surprisingly subtle and tasteful in its design. Although it seems based on a fairly rudimentary web design template, the predominantly white background with muted beige accents is quite pleasing to the eye. If you would prefer to keep your sugar baby-seeking online activities to yourself, there is little in SugarDaddyMeet’s website design that will give you away to casual observers.

Getting around the SugarDaddyMeet website

Navigating the site couldn’t be any simpler. There really aren’t many pages to browse through, and the links to the few pages are stashed down below the page in the footer section. We would have preferred to have specific sections grouped into menus at the top of the page as in other sugar daddy sites, but the relative scarcity of different sections may have necessitated this design decision.

If you already have an account on the site, getting a list of potential matches is as easy as clicking on the form provided right at the top of the homepage. The form has radio buttons with which you can specify whether you are a sugar daddy or a sugar baby, if you are looking for one or the other, the age range of the match you are seeking, and your country and state.

Signing up for an account

If you don’t have an account yet, clicking on the “Find My Match” button will take you to an account sign-up page, where you will create a profile by filling in the necessary information, along with your age and email address. You will also be required to click on a button signifying your agreement with the site’s Service Agreement and the Privacy Policy. Links to both documents are provided as well.

You can also log in via Facebook or your email address, which gives you access to many areas of the site even if you don’t have a full account yet. This will enable you to check out listings of sugar daddies and sugar babies in your area. You can even check out the blogs and the forums, although access is limited until you have signed up for a full account.

If you do like what you see, and wish to become a full member at, you will be required to fill up a detailed personal information form. Apart from the aforementioned information, you will also be expected to provide personal stats, including your income. This information will be made available to other members, so that you can be found easily by other people looking for suitable matches.

Speaking of searching, the site has a pretty capable search feature that enables you to find other members quickly and easily based on their provided details. You will be sent email recommendations of suitable matches based on the details you provided when signing up for an account.

Sugar daddy/sugar baby listings

One of the most serious issues with SugarDaddyMeet is that its listings leave a lot to be desired in terms of credibility. There really is no way to verify whether or not the person in the listing is actually who he or she claims to be. A quick search of sugar dating site reviews for SugarDaddyMeet shows a number of complaints about men that have misrepresented their income levels, their marriage status, and even their photos.

This goes for sugar babies as well. The site has also been the subject of criticism due to sugar babies that make unfair or improper demands or those that didn’t live up to their end of the bargain.

For instance, one young woman quickly made it clear that she was not interested in a long-term–or any term–relationship, and simply expected to be given money for sending a batch of nude photographs of herself. This is clearly not what sugar daddy-sugar baby sites are supposed to be offering, and the fact that there are a number of such listings on puts the legitimacy of the site in question.

Other listings are purportedly from women in the United States, who when contacted, could barely speak English. Worse still are the sob stories of women “stranded in a foreign country” or in some other bogus “emergency situation” who are in need of immediate financial assistance.

All these are serious concerns that will have to be addressed in order to ensure user confidence in the service that provides. Until the administrators implement a way to verify member information and to guard against fraud, the site has a slim chance of being taken seriously by those genuinely interested in forming a trusting and legitimate sugar daddy-sugar baby relationship.

Billing issues

It doesn’t end there. It seems that there are even more reasons to steer clear of, many having to do with the operations of the site itself. It has come to our attention that a number of members were still billed even after they canceled their subscriptions.

One particular member did receive confirmation that his subscription was canceled, and yet he continued to be billed for months afterwards. One other user didn’t even sign up for a full membership, opting instead for the 3-day free trial, and yet was surprised to find a bill in the mail the next month!

These issues suggest a company that clearly needs to take a long hard look at their operations. After all, if you can’t trust them to get their billing in order, who is to say that they can be trusted at all?

The bottom line

We really wanted to like The clean and simple site design and the extensive history of the company promised a professional approach and worry-free experience. Unfortunately, there are just too many negatives to ignore. If the site’s owners can address the issues with regard to identity misrepresentation and billing, we would be happy to reconsider our verdict. As it is however, we would have to suggest that you give this one a miss.

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