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Rating: is one in a long string of adult dating websites that aims to enable to sugar daddies to meet sugar babies for what would hopefully be a mutually beneficial arrangement.

That is the premise at least, for despite its claims to the contrary, the site actually makes it challenge to find a suitable match. While many other sites at least provide a reasonable opportunity for prospective sugar daddies to connect with a younger woman of their choice, is so riddled with problems that the process isn’t only challenging, but damn-near impossible.

Not a promising start

Right from the start, the homepage doesn’t do a lot to inspire confidence. The graphics are pretty tawdry and dismal, especially for a website that supposedly aims to appeal to sugar daddies with considerable financial clout. We found the photo of the senior man with his arm around a young and attractive woman especially unpalatable, and we seriously doubt that anyone–whether a sugar daddy or a sugar baby–would find it appealing.

As a matter of fact, the website’s overall presentation could do with some much-needed updating. The design seems straight out of the early-90s, with a clumsy user interface and totally dated design elements. We were so disappointed with the site that we didn’t even bother checking out how well it translates to mobile devices. Given the dismal impression that it made however, we were pretty sure that the mobile experience would be equally disappointing.

The way that the site’s administrations chose to display their ads was especially infuriating. Most other sites at least make an attempt to display their ads in a less obtrusive spot off to the side of the page. The designers of clearly had little concern for design efficiency and aesthetics, inexplicably placing the ads close to the center of the page. Worse still, it is way too easy to click on the ads by mistake, whereupon you will be directed to a pay site–one that is probably riddled with malware at that.

Whether or not the “brains” behind the site wanted the ads to be mistaken for actual SugarDaddyScene members is uncertain. What we can say is that the presentation is definitely annoying.

A bit too nosey for comfort

Even more trouble lies in wait when you sign up for an account. When you try to set up a profile, you will be greeted with a ridiculously oversized popup displaying the membership options available at the site. Surely there is a way to present this (admittedly important) information in a less obtrusive manner? But once again, SugarDaddyScene proves that it cares little for providing site members with an enjoyable user experience.

Speaking of the user profile, this is one other area where the site displays its incompetence and deviousness in equal measure. You are expected to fill up a seven-page (yes, seven!) form, most of which consists of questions about your sexual preferences.

Now we understand that many sugar daddies browse these websites in search of sexual partners. Even so, we fail to see the need to go over every aspect of our sexual lives in such excruciating detail. It almost seems as if we were being ‘profiled’, a suspicion that was later confirmed by the appearance of cam ads that mysteriously focused on the type of sexual activities that we described in our profile just minutes earlier.

The member roster

A quick look at the site’s clientele proved to be even more discouraging. The user base seems to be comprised of very few sugar daddy members, many of whom look to be pushing 70. Don’t get us wrong–we’re all for seniors of any age finding the sugar baby of their dreams. But a small population of sugar daddies comprised mostly of over-60 men simply doesn’t speak well of the quality of the site.

The modest number of sugar daddies on a website wouldn’t be such a big deal if there were a sufficient number of sugar babies to feed the demand. But incredible as it may be, there seems to be even fewer sugar babies than sugar daddies on! Worse still, most of the profiles that we came across were woefully short on detail, and far too many had photos that looked suspiciously like stock photos of swimsuit models that you could find on the Internet.

Search (dis)function

With such a dismal selection of sugar babies, it almost isn’t worth mentioning the site’s search function–but we will anyway. Most other sugar dating websites enable you to search for matches via a comprehensive set of search terms or keywords. But of course, that would be too easy for a site of SugarDaddyScene’s caliber (yes, we’re being sarcastic here)! Instead, you are presented with only two options for finding a match: age and distance.

It’s an absolute mystery why so many personal details were requested during the profile creation process, and yet only these two options are provided for doing a search. Once again, this strengthened our suspicions that the information requested from prospective members is used more for marketing purposes rather than actually helping sugar daddies find a match. Needless to say, this type of search “capability” is not only inefficient, but ineffective as well. We seriously doubt that you will be able to find anyone worth your time and effort with such a crippled search “feature”. Not worth the money

Like most other sugar dating websites we have reviewed thus far, allows you to check out a few features and receive messages even without signing up for an account. However, you can’t actually read the messages without being a paid member, as only the subject line will be visible to you. In order to read the message in its entirety, you will have to cough up the dough for a paid membership.

Okay, no big deal. After all, a sugar dating site has to make money, right? Against our better judgment, we shelled out the $25 for a one-month membership, wisely deciding against the more economical $108 for a six-month membership. Unsurprisingly, we were let down yet again by a substandard set of features that were just as outdated as the rest of the site itself.

For one thing, messaging is done in the form of a sort of limited email system. Although the system lets you determine the online status of a member based on whether or not she has read her message, the entire presentation is bulky and cumbersome at best.

We found lot more things wrong with – so much so that to cover them all would fill up about as many pages as their lengthy profile sign up! If we haven’t made it painfully clear yet in this review, you would be well advised to stay clear of this disaster of a sugar dating website.

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