– Sugar Dating Site Fails To Meet Expectations

Rating: is an online adult dating site that follows the typical sugar dating business model of offering free trial memberships to new customers. While most other sugar dating sites provide free trial periods with a limited set of features and functionality, SugarDaddyToday allows you unrestricted access to every feature and section of the site at no cost.

Unfortunately, most offers that seem too good to be true usually are. That is definitely the case with SugarDaddyToday, as the free trial period comes with an unwelcome snag. We’ll go into more detail later, but for now, let’s take a look at some of the things that the site has going for it.

Ad-free and other perks

One of the most remarkable things about is that there are no ads whatsoever. It is rare to find a website that doesn’t employ some type of marketing, particularly in the sugar dating arena where external links to cam sites and other deceptive tactics are commonplace. In fact, where you would normally expect to see an ad, you are more likely to see a graphic espousing the virtue of the site.

SugarDaddyToday also makes it remarkably easy to exchange information and communicate with sugar babies offsite. Most other sugar dating websites discourage the sharing of information that can be used to contact other members outside the services offered by the site itself, so it was a bit surprising to see SugarDaddyToday allow it. Consequently, you and any other member may post your personal phone number, Skype and email address and any other information you wish to share that would facilitate offsite contact.

Trouble lurks

Unfortunately, that’s about all that has going for it. From here on out, it seemed that everything about the site was geared toward making the sugar dating experience as awkward and as inefficient as possible.

Let’s start with the site design. Most other sugar dating websites have since upped their game as far as graphics and site design are concerned, knowing fully well that customers are looking for sites that have more to offer in the looks department. The design team and the powers that be behind clearly do not share this concern, judging from the presentation that seems straight out of the 90s. Populated with dated looking pictures featuring equally dated-looking models, SugarDaddyToday’s website is about as tacky as they come.

“Free” offer comes at a cost

Aesthetics aside, what we really found worrying about the site was the supposed “free” trial membership offer. We’re not one to say no to a free offer, but there is little about the site’s trial deal that encouraged us to go for the full membership.

For starters, we were immediately required to provide our PayPal information. What was all that about being “free” then? Just a ploy to entice gullible sugar daddies into joining up in order to stick him with a bill later on?  That’s exactly what it seemed to us and the more we looked around, the more we began to suspect that SugarDaddyToday’s offer isn’t the great deal that it initially seemed.

Our suspicions were confirmed when we browsed over to the next section of the sign up, whereupon we were presented with more information on the free trial period. According to the copy on this page, the free period will last for ten days, after which we would have to pay the membership fee of $5 per month.

“Fair enough”, we thought. After all, most sites do implement the same practice, and five dollars seemed pretty reasonable. Much to our surprise however, we received an automated email to the effect that we now had seven–not ten–days free! This was a clear attempt at pulling a fast one on paying customers, and we strongly resented being taken for a ride in such a blatant manner. A sugar dating site…or is it?

Since we had already gone through the sign up process and paid the princely sum of five dollars, we thought it best to see it through and see what else SugarDaddyToday had in store for us. After a few minutes of browsing through the listings, we noticed something that isn’t typically seen on most sugar dating sites. Many of the women here aren’t actually interested in finding a sugar daddy at all! In fact, the majority seemed to have some other agenda, ranging from launching their modeling careers to offering escort services, and who knows what else.

Just to be clear, we’re not under any illusions that most sugar babies are after more than just sugar daddies to support them financially. After all, that is the entire premise that sugar dating is built upon. But to see listings of women almost demanding to be given cash is just a little more than we are willing to put up with in a sugar dating website. You have to wonder how serious is about their service when they allow this type of thing on their pages.

Considering the abundance of women just blatantly looking for a meal ticket at SugarDaddyToday, we aren’t quite sure whether or not the slim pickings at the site is a positive or a negative attribute. So we’re gonna go with both. On the one hand, the relatively small number of sugar babies on the site means fewer chances of being scammed. On the other, it also makes it near-impossible to find a suitable match.

Curiously, the copy on the homepage of the site claims that there are more than 80,000 members in its roster. However, the listings contained only a few hundred at most.

A surprisingly capable search function

One thing that really surprised us is how comprehensive and potentially effective the site’s search function is. In fact, you could say that this is one of the very few things that the site has going for it, in addition to the absence of ads and the ease with which you could get in touch with other members offsite. It almost seems a waste to have such a capable search feature, given the site’s poor selection of dating options.

When we did find a few sugar babies that we thought were worth pursuing, the reception didn’t exactly boost our confidence in the site. Out of the ten women that we messaged, only one saw fit to respond, and that was after a full two days. Furthermore, the reply we received was quite impersonal and noncommittal, and it was immediately obvious to us that there was no point to further communication.

The negatives outweigh the positives could have been a pretty respectable sugar dating website given its ad-free presentation, the ease by which encounters could be set up offsite, and the very capable search function. However, these positive attributes aren’t enough to make up for the negative ones, and in the end, we decided that there are much better sugar dating sites out there.

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